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The Futuristic Jason Hope

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Jason Hope is a successful futurist who is currently involved in technology, entrepreneurship as well as philanthropy. He attended the Arizona State University where he pursued Bachelors’ of Finance, the institution is based in Tempe, Arizona where he was also brought up. In the same university, he enrolled in a business program at the W.P Carey School of Business. Jason Hope has a special interest in technology as well as investing.

As an entrepreneur Jason Hope owns and runs the Jason Hope Business Consulting, its main aim is to help business in finding strategies, investors as well assist the businesses to raise capital that they need to run their business. Jason Hope assists in enhancing the full technological potential of investors and business by partnering with the in developing business plans.

Jason Hope have invested heavily in the technology. He is of the opinion that we should use the power of the technology to improve our lives, to make things simpler, easier and enjoyable for ourselves. He also takes great interest in mobile applications, gaming software, computer desktop software and their development.

He has also does research on technology and technology infrastructure such as the Internet of Things and also the direction of the industry. As result of this, Jason Hope has made five predictions of the Internet of Thing (IoT)’s future. First, he is of the opinion that the current IoT will be much different in the future similar to what it looked like a few years ago. Second, he says that it give more value in being integrated into more of our devices and in reducing losses.

Third, he foresees that telling or convincing the value of the application to business or consumers will be much more difficult for the future developers. Fourth, he states that it will alter the way we drive because unfocused driving will be reduced and the driving experience will be much more enjoyable. Fifth, he concludes that IoT will cease from being a thing and will become part of our lives. He believed our future will be determined by technology.

In addition, Jason Hope has supported financially the SENS foundation. The Foundation’s main purpose is to research on the control as well as prevention of the age-related diseases. He says that their research is not meant to make people live forever, its work is to ensure that a longer and qualitative life. His opinion. He is of the opinion that medical institution should concentrate more time on the prevention of diseases.

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January 18, 2017