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New Ingredients And Innovations In Dog Food Lead To Higher Sales

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While you don’t always hear about the latest twitter trends in dog food on business TV networks or on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, the marketplace there is competitive as ever with more and more companies adding new treats for their canine friends to try out. One popular dog food brand Freshpet, has taken to using more organic ingredients without preservatives in their pet foods and made healthy eating for pets a priority. With Freshpet’s surge in product sales, other companies have followed suit including Purina, Mars Petcare, and Milo’s Kitchen, to also use more organic and diverse ingredients in their foods. While these premium brands of dog food do cost significantly more than your average canned or dry dog food, the taste and health qualities have proved to be very important to pet owners and so far have not diminished sales.

Another company that has been a favorite of dog owners is Beneful, an offshoot brand of Purinastore that produces a wide variety of dog food flavors. It started up in 2001 and sales grew rapidly as it was introduced on the shelves of popular retail stores. Beneful started out primarily producing dry food, but expanded the market in 2006 to include wet dog food and a healthy array of treats known as IncrediBites. Beneful has used many different tactical advertisements including interactive billboards to bring in new customers and its products reach all the way from Australia to Germany.

Healthy mixes are one thing Beneful prides itself on producing and many that have either worked for Beneful, or have been regular customers for the last decade or more, can testify to the healthy living its allowed for their dogs. Beneful’s dry food’s most popular ingredients are real beef, chicken, salmon and other grains mixed in for a great taste. The wet dog food : brands for dogs that may be unable to use dry foods, also include pure meats but also mix in carrots, tomatoes, and spinach along with other vegetables to make the digestion easier. And dog dentures are included in beneful’s treat mixes for other times during the day.


April 5, 2016