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Why are So Many Celebrities Attracted to Kabbalah?

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When pop superstar Madonna announced in the late 90’s that she was a new person thanks to her newfound belief in the ancient teachings of Kabbalah, the world took notice. Before then, many people had never even heard the term “Kabbalah” or knew next to nothing about it.

Today, however, Kabbalah is practically a household word, with many of the world’s most beloved celebrities praising its teachings in interviews. A-list celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Zac Efron are all devoted Kabbalah followers and are proud of their newfound spiritual beliefs. So what is it that attracts so many high-profile celebrities to Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is an ancient form of Judaism which provides mystical Biblical interpretations. Kabbalah followers understand that practices such as astrology and numerology are all part of God’s way of communicating with us. Kabbalah also values wisdom that we as humans tend to overlook, such as the importance of balance and staying connected to our higher spiritual power as we navigate through life.

Those who have entered the world of celebrity often find themselves lacking spiritually and emotionally. Fame appears to be a never-ending journey of pleasure and contentment to many of us who have never experienced it, but the truth is that fame can be very lonely and disorienting. Celebrities tend to feel spiritually depleted due to the superficial nature of world in which they exist.

Therefore, many celebrities turn to Kabbalah because it reunites them with their spiritual source, God. Kabbalah also teaches that superficial gain in this world is of no importance as all that truly matters is following our spiritual path. According to Kabbalah, all of us were born with a very specific purpose, and that by connecting with God, we can discover this purpose and live a spiritually-enriching life.

Celebrities and non-celebrities alike have found much comfort and wisdom in the teachings of Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. Opened in 1984, the Kabbalah Centre has been providing eager pupils with the ancient wisdom that the Kabbalah teaches.

The Kabbalah Centre does not favor celebrities, either. Anyone who desires spiritual guidance is welcome to join. Students of the Kabbalah Centre enjoy seminars and workshops which teach spiritual truths to those whose souls are in need. Those who practice Kabbalah have found that their lives have been transformed for the better as their connection to God has allowed them to live a life of spiritual purpose.

December 16, 2016