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Keith Mann is Uncommon and That is How He Prefers It

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A lot of people in today’s world would prefer to be like everyone else. For most people, it is easier to fit in than it is to stand out. When someone stands out, they are taking a risk and for a lot of folks, they are not ready to take on that risk. Keith Mann is ready for that risk. He knows that without that risk, nothing is going to get accomplished and nothing is going to change in a positive direction in this world. He knows that real change happens when people put themselves out there and they are not afraid to call themselves uncommon and do uncommon things that other people only talk about, but they never actually do.

Keith Man is a doer. He does not like to sit on the sidelines of life. He is right there in the action. He is in the action when he is holding fundraisers for the Uncommon School Districts. This is a cause that means a great deal to Keith Mann because he knows the change it can make for these young adults. All they want is the chance to go to a four-year college. As with most things in life, money gets in the way. That does not make Keith Mann very happy. He has been quoted as saying he wants an even playing field and if anyone wants to go to a four-year college, they should have the chance and nothing should stop them.

That is why with these fundraisers, Dynamics Search Partners has raised over twenty-two thousand dollars. Money goes a long way in the education world and it goes a long way in getting results and making things happen. That is something uncommon for someone like Keith Mann to do, but he is hoping that by him being uncommon, it will not only encourage others people in his position to be uncommon, but it will also inspire children to be uncommon as well when they go to college and get the chance to prove themselves. He is supremely confident that they will take the ball and run with it.

January 14, 2017