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Sam Boraie, Reshaping Real Estate in New Brunswick community

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The Boraie Development LLC is a company that deals in real estate development, sales/marketing, and property management. The company is based in New Jersey and has re-shaped the real estate activities in this region. The Boraie development was founded by Omar Boraie, originally from Egypt, Omar moved to the US and cut a niche for himself in the real estate industry. Sam Boraie, followed in his father’s footsteps. Sam plays an integral and instrumental role in this family business. He is tasked with acquiring new strategies that have seen the Boraie Development Company grow and thrive.

The revitalization of News Brunswick

His efforts and those of his elder brother and sister have led to the revitalization of New Brunswick. The Boraie Development Company is accredited with the major boom in New Jersey’s real estate market. The strategies in place by this family business have paid off. The multi-purpose facilities put up by the company have attracted businesses from far and wide. The result has been a growing demand for business facilities, apartments, retail space, and office space. The company has continued in their effort to construct new and better buildings in Atlantic City.

Sam Boraie’s strategies are geared at transforming New Jersey into an economic hub. The already completed projects have already begun to change the face of New Jersey. According to Sam, the company has other major long-term plans which will be implemented in the coming years.

The Boraie Development Company Partnerships

Changing the face of New Jersey requires massive projects which have huge financial implications. As such, Sam and the other vice presidents are looking for avenues to partner with like-minded companies and investors. In an effort to secure funding, the company has been engaging in huge marketing companies in Atlantic City and beyond. They hope to attract investors who they can form partnerships with. Their marketing strategies have also targeted New York which is the neighboring state. The Boraie Development marketing campaigns have resulted in major partnerships. They have managed to foster relationships with key personalities such Shaq O’Neil.

Sam Boraie and Charitable Initiatives

Sam Boraie is also a man dedicated to charitable initiatives. This executive leader has made substantial donations to the State Theatre in New Jersey. That’s not all; his charitable efforts also extend to the New Jersey community. The Elijah’s Promise has received substantial donations from Sam to help eradicate poverty in the community. Elijah’s Promise provides food and empowers the locals to seek and find employment opportunities. Through the business and charitable efforts, Sam and the Boraie Development Company have continued to better the economy of New Jersey, while still improving the community at large. According to Sam, this trend is expected to continue.

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February 14, 2017