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Dick DeVos Proves Himself A Business And Community Success Story

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There does not seem to have been a large amount of good news coming from Michigan in recent years, I have seen the news items discussing the poor economic situation in the area for a number of years; however, the former AmWay Group President Dick DeVos is using his business and philanthropy skills to shine a little light into the economic darkness that has fallen over the state. DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a city he still calls home and focuses a large amount of his business life on through the Windquest Holdings company he is President of. DeVos has invested in many large and small businesses across Michigan and the U.S. with Windquest, including the environmentally friendly “Green Machine” company and a number of craft wine and spirits makers. Business success for Dick DeVos is not surprising for those of us who have been aware of his reputation for a number of years; a reputation that was forged during his time as an executive with the AmWay group where he managed to increase foreign market profits by a huge amount before presiding over a period of sustained success as the company President during the first decade of the 21st century. I have always been impressed with the risks Dick DeVos is willing to take as an investor and business expert, which includes his period at the NBA franchise the Orlando Magic that he remains a member of the Board of Governors for.

Dick DeVos is equally impressive in his philanthropic work as he is with his business work in my own humble opinion, which includes the many boards he sits on that provide help and assistance for people around the U.S. I have been impressed with the work Dick DeVos has completed as a board member of the Grand Action Plan in Grand Rapids, which includes the fact the area has seen major economic improvement over the period the Grand Action Plan has been in place.

Despite all the business and community success Dick DeVos has enjoyed I have been happy to see he has not lost sight of his faith or long term goals in the realm of education. As a board member of the Willow Creek Association DeVos has been instrumental in bringing lost people back to the Christian faith across the U.S.; DeVos also impressed me with his continued work to reform the U.S. education system, including his position on the board of the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

August 24, 2016