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Handy, home cleaning services is an online two-market place for mobile cleaning and home repair booking services. It tries to commoditize home cleaning services catering to the on-demand market and offering employment to people of different professions. In June 2012, Oisin Hanrahan, Umag Dua, Weina ensure and Ignacio Leonhardt, found the company as Handybook. There is ingenuity in the name as it is a place to book handyman and cleaning services.

In 2014, Handybook launched its app- handy- offering consumers a chance to book services at the comfort of their homes. The app is quite clever as bookings are made, and the consumer is notified of the arrival of the cleaning professional, 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. The app also has a special feature, real-time tracker, that allows the cleaning professional to know your designated location without the hustle of having to give verbal directions. The tracker is on from the 15 min prior to the job until it is finally completed. These ensures the cleaning profession is only at your home for the allocated amount of time.

Handybook plays a pivotal role in both the supply and demand ends of the home service industry. With millions of bookings of services from the demand end, Handybook has offered employment to thousands both permanent and freelancers. A screening procedure is mandatory for all freelancers that include background checks, reference, and in-person interviews. The relationship between the company and its freelancers is fairly symbiotic. Freelancers are offered the option of choosing jobs they are skilled in and also working hours they find suited to their schedules. They are also paid fairly to ensure a lasting beneficial employer-employee relationship.

As more people grow accustomed to the idea of booking cleaning services online, Handybook continues to make remarkable profits by the year. The handy app creates a remote control for your home maintenance purposes, easing the lives of many people. In commoditizing home cleaning services, Handybook has been able to make a killing at the ready and eager market. The company has seen tremendous growth with bookings of over $ one million per week, two years just after its launch. With its impressive growth and dominance of the market, Handybook attracts the interests of investors that break down the limits to its continued growth.

The bulk of the company’s revenue is found in cleaning services. However, the founders are finding means to expand their services beyond just cleaning. With the already provision of handyman and plumbing services, the possibilities are quite endless. These are to meet the growing demand and offering employment to various professions in the society.

Hospitable service is a key feature of making sales in any business. Handybook goes a step further by guaranteeing nothing but a complete satisfaction of the customer. Along with fair pricing, the company ensures the contracted job is done within the designated time and goes ahead to cover any damages or losses incurred by the cleaning professionals.

Found in over twenty-five cities in the United States and two in Canada, Handybook continues to dominate the eager market by broadening its networks. Their goal not to create a successful company but to create a brand that takes care of thousands of homes worldwide.

September 25, 2015