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Famous Brazilian Authors: The 20th Century and Beyond

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During and before the Modernism Movement of the1920s, numerous authors emerged with unique contributions to the world of literature. Euclides da Cunha authored Rebellion in the Backlands, a descriptive and inspirational account of an obsessive religious and social uprising in the Northeast. He successfully managed to call national attention to sections of Brazil that the government had neglected, making him very famous in both the political and literary worlds. Jose Pereira da Graca Aranha also wrote Cannan, a novel that carefully analyzes immigration to Brazil in the perspective of the polemical matters regarding ethnicity and race as they influence opinions on nationalist pride and purity.

Mario de Andrade was like the “Pope of Brazilian Modernism”. He was the novelist, musicologist, ethnographer, poet, and essayist and aggressively promoted the notion of “interested art” that could reach the people. Reducing the boundary between popular culture and high art, he studied their relationship with the goal of defining an authentic national culture. Contemporary Brazilian literature has been inspired by these forms of literature, including those that emerged prior to the 20th century. Jaime Garcia Dias was inspired by the literary works of his father and other acclaimed writers and journalists.

Jaime Garcia Dias is a proficient Brazilian author. His father Arnaldo Dias was an accomplished writer and journalist and had a great influence in his life. Garcia Dias used his father’s literature works as study tools. After reading one of them, he developed great passion literature and joined other students in Rio de Janeiro to study Letters. Among his 20 published works, he has received five prestigious awards and consequently risen as a leader in the fiction literature world. Besides his long and memorable career in literature, Dias also has had a long and successful career in education. He joined the Carioca Literature Academy as an instructor and served in that position for five years, before rising to the post of the president of the school. Indeed, many famous contemporary authors who went before Dias has played a significant role in his career life.

One of the 21st century’s accomplished literary men who perhaps shaped Dias life includes Jorge Amado (1912-2001). During his lifetime, Amado was widely considered one of the most loved authors in Brazilian culture. Some of his most compelling works are Classics as Captains of the Sands (1937), Donna Flor and Her Two Husbands (1966), and Clove and Cinnamon (1958). Another well-known contemporary Brazilian writer is Paulo Coelho. He is deemed as the bestselling Brazilian novelist of all time. Some of his major publications include The Alchemist, in which Santiago the main character travels to Egypt because he has had many dreams that he will find a treasure there. Apparently, Brazilian Authors stand out because they produce progressive works that positively influence the community.

September 3, 2015