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Michael Zomber’s Knowledge of Guns Is Respected

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Few people on the planet know as much about a single topic as historian Michael Zomber knows about collecting antique firearms. He is widely considered to be the greatest authority on this particular subject. In fact, there have been many TV production companies that have done extensive interviews with Zomber about the history of guns and why he loves them so much. They are now a huge part of his life.

Michael has said many times that he did not expect his life to take the turn that it has. He went to college with no idea that he would one day make money by giving lectures about the history of guns. Michael had career ambitions that were much different when he was in his youth. He went to college and even obtained a graduate degree. However, Michael felt that he was not suited for a traditional office job when it finally came time for him to decide on a career path. He found that antique guns fascinated him. He started to collect guns and found the hobby to be addicting. He read everything he could on the subject. Michael started to attend auctions all over the United States in the hopes of finding old guns that he could add to his collection.

Word stared to spread throughout the antique gun collecting community that Michael had amassed one of the greatest collections in the world. He started to receive requests from other respected collectors to view his collection. He took great pride in showing other people the collection that he had worked so hard to assemble. Michael then decided to pass his knowledge along to other collectors by writing a book about antique guns. He also started to collect samurai swords. He even wrote and produced a documentary about the history of samurai warriors who lived hundreds of years ago in Japan.

Michael has been very generous. He has allowed many pieces from his collection to be displayed at various shows and museums over the years. He believes that the public has a right to see these beautiful works of art.  That passion for history is what motivated Michael after his exoneration.  In fact, it motivated him to become an author, with an entire series of books available on Amazon.

July 14, 2016