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George Soros Takes a Strong Stand on the Energy Sector

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In the world of investing, there are few individuals who have been right as many times as George Soros. His consecutive gains have made him one of the most successful hedge fund managers of all time. This is something that has helped him to really make a name for himself. Soros has been able to command the market with his great deal of wealth that he has amassed. It also helps when he is able to have a legion of investors follow his every investing move. Soros is an individual who can singlehandedly change whole sectors in mere hours. This is why his latest moves from his Soros Management Fund have stirred quite a bit of commotion. Recently, Soros dumped all of his shares from Soros Management Fund into Chevron, NRG Energy, and Chesapeake Energy. This may be a foresight into higher energy and fuel costs in the coming months. There are many financial analysts that believe the low gas prices that we have been enjoying are soon coming to an end.
Soros learned about overcoming adversity from a very young age. In his youth, Soros had to flee Nazi-occupied Europe to London. It was here that he attended the London School of Economics. This is where Soros gained the basis of his knowledge that has made him the successful investor that he is today. Once he had learned this knowledge, he took his new found skills to America. It was here where he created an international investment fund that made him wildly successful. With this new found success, Soros now had more clients and bigger amounts of capital to invest with than ever before. When Soros really put his name on the map is when he bet against the devaluation of the British Pound. Within one year he was able to see gains of over 1 billion dollars. This is when everyone knew Soros was a force to be reckoned with.

Soros has also had a very successful time in the world of philanthropy. He has helped thousands of individuals in over 100 different countries with his organization. His organization now has donations of over 800 million dollars annually. This has created a legacy that many could only dream of. The future looks very bright for Soros as he continues to excel in both the world of investments and philanthropy. It will be exciting to see how the energy investments pan out for Soros.

March 4, 2016