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3 Ways Thor Halvorssen is Resisting Oppression

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Exposing Corruption And Lies

Thor Halvorssen is an amazing film director and uses that experience to support his political causes. Often this occurs in the form of documentaries discussing topics related to human rights. Sometimes he creates films documenting the reality of closed societies. This approach is effective, but at times Halvorssen has experienced threats to his life for his work. He has also used fictionalized portrayals of oppression to express his point. These films are so successful he has even received awards for them.

Standing By His Family Of Freedom Fighters

Halvorssen isn’t the only one in his family fighting oppression. Both of his parents have resisted authoritarianism and examples of freedom fights are easily found going back down his lineage. Halvorssen is a descendant of the famed general Simon Bolivar. Just like Bolivar helped liberate South America from the imperialism of Spain, Halvorssen is helping people across the world create freer societies. The family’s work has often led to unfortunate consequences. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was once incarcerated for standing up to the oppression that plagues the country. A much more tragic befell his mother during the 2004 referendum. She was shot by supports of Hugo Chavez during a protest. The men involved were never arrested.

Leading The Human Rights Foundation

The center piece of Halvorssen’s work takes place at the Human Rights Foundation. Although Halvorssen had done work as an activist prior to creating this organization, it simply did not produce the same effects the Human Rights Foundation has. He has given the struggle against authoritarianism much more media exposure and helped pave the way for many of the current opposition movements found around the world. Although his fight is far from finished, the impact he has made with the Human Rights Foundation is changing everything.

December 31, 2016

Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

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Human rights are an important worldwide activity People around the world find that the world is a better place when they know that they are guaranteed certain specific rights of all kinds. They also know that they are able to can on human rights activists across the world who will work hard to put pressure on governments that do not live up to the kind of ideals that people expect of any specific government. Human rights activists push to make sure that all people of the world have access to certain basics such as the right to eat a certain number of minimum calories each day, the right to have shelter from the elements and the right of access to important basic health care such as vaccines and standard maternity care when they get pregnant.

Unfortunately, some nations of the world have failed to live up to such ideals. In many cases, a handful of people have ruled certain nations in a way that is cruel and does little to help the people who are living there. One such nation is North Korea. The nation of North Korea has been ruled by a small group of people who are well known for their cruelty and their lack of caring about their own people. Activists such as Yeonmi Park have fled this nation in secret and sought to do much to help put pressure on the nation’s leaders to change their ways and make their society a better place for the people who are born and live here.

Yeonmi Park of youtube grew up in this part of the world with her entire family. She and her family found that it was hard to be residents of North Korea. They frequently encountered all kinds of hardships during this period of time including lack of enough to eat, forced work that did not benefit them and the need to be respectful of the leaders of the nation even as it was clear to them that such leaders were not doing a good job running it. This awareness led Yeonmi Park’s entire family to plot to leave this part of the world in order to search for a better life. They have since worked hard to help provide awareness about what is happening in North Korea for those living there who lack connections with government officials or other safety nets of any kind.

They have helped people become aware of what is going in here by writing and speaking out to others in other parts of the world. Her work in this field has attracted much attention as people around the world remain curious about conditions in North Korea and anxious to hear what people who have escaped this nation have to say about it. Park has been open to speaking to others about her experiences as a resident of this nation and exactly what it was like to grow up in a place that is widely admitted to be one of the world’s harshest societies.

September 23, 2015