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My Large Bathroom Gets Spotless And Clean Because Of Handy

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When I built my home, I created an exceptionally large bathroom that is my pride and joy. My bathroom is larger than most bedrooms and can even be considered the size of a small apartment. I have a hot tub in my bathroom as well as a separate shower. I even have enough space in my bathroom to where I have a sitting area, as well as a vanity, which is separate from the closet space, so it’s safe to say that it’s a very big bathroom. As much as I love my bathroom, it can be a challenge to clean.

I’m so glad for Handy because they are the only ones that I rely on to clean my bathroom because I just can’t do it. I can keep the rest of my home clean, but when it comes to my bathroom, as well as the other bathrooms in the home, they are something that I choose not to tackle on my own. I use my Handy account whenever I need some cleaning services, especially for my bathroom. I will sign up to have all three of my bathrooms cleaned at once but also will notate that one bathroom is extremely large in size.

I’ve never had a problem with any Handy ( employee that came out to clean the bathrooms in my home, and that’s why I only choose Handy for any cleaning services that I require. I’ve never had anyone else clean my bathrooms so well, which is why Handy is my favorite company. The Handy employee knows exactly what I want, and I make sure to give them all the directions they need to get started cleaning. I even have carpet on my bathroom floor, which means it needs to be vacuumed, which is something that the Handy employee does as well.

My mirrors are spotless when the worker leaves, the floor is vacuumed, the tiles are mopped, the tub is clean, the baseboards are clean, and even the window in my personal bathroom is cleaned. I love the way my bathroom looks and smells after a Handy employee has been in there, and I like that my toilet is sparkling clean when they finish doing their job. I never have a problem giving a great tip to a Handy employee because they do an exceptional job, compared to the other services that I worked with prior to Handy.


November 24, 2016