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Solo capital is a Hedge fund based in London UK. It offers a broad range of financial services including prop trading, brokerage services, investment tracking, credit and securities’ trading and advice on M & A. It was incorporated in 2011 and was founded by Mr Sanjay Shah. It employs 28 people and currently has three directors.


Solo capital has a turnover of £20. 3M and an asset base worth £67.5m. It is based on its returns this year. Its founder Sanjay Shah heads it. He is an experienced hedge fund manager who has worked with big names like Merrill Lynch, Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Rabobank before going private in 2009.He has grown the stock brokerage firm from inception to today when it is doing very well. The 45-year-old entrepreneur is also a well-known Philanthropist. He has raised millions of pounds for autism victims in the UK. He currently resides in Dubai where the firm has another office.


Solo capital in a hedge fund that has leveraged technology to achieve stunning results. All its 28 employees are well trained and experienced expert hedges with a combined industry experience of 260 years. It uses a proprietary trading method and industry leading trading practises to offer exceptional returns to its customers. It has also been noted for its advanced use of technology. It uses fast trading techniques using its superfast computers and computer trading models.


Solo capital also posts advice on how to earn good money in the stock market. It advises one to diversify their portfolio in the stock exchange and trade in stocks with zero correlation. It means if you buy in energy, then consider commodities affected by energy deals as one and the same product. They are in the same category. Solo capital also advises one to invest in products they have done enough research.


Investment banks are banks that don’t accept savings and deposits but invest money given to them. Hedge funds are a type of investment banks that seek to offer returns in all market conditions by using complicated trading techniques to make profits. It requires well-trained workers willing to put the extra work. Solo Capital is a hedge fund that leverages technology, experience and hard work to stay ahead.


Investment banks have revolutionized the stock market. They are today’s brokers, market makers and prop traders. This article is a recap of the following sites.

December 19, 2015