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Executives Leaving Impacts – Shaygan Kheradpir

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He is a business and technology executive who holds a doctoral degree in electrical engineering acquired from Cornell University. Up to this point in his business career, he has succeeded in developing new products and platforms. That includes deployment of FiOS at Verizon, mobile money system Pingit at Barclays, and an Integrated Operating Plan (IOP) during his time at Juniper Networks where he was Chief Executive Officer. He currently works as CEO at Coriant.
Life and Career
Although he was born in London, he grew up in Iran. His education led him to Switzerland where he attended high school at Aiglon College. His pursuit of knowledge took him to the United States where Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir attended Cornel University and earned his bachelor’s, master’s and doctor’s degree.
The start of his career was at GTE Corporation, but a merge with Bell Atlantic in the year of 2000 formed Verizon, where he had an integral role. Initially, he was Verizon’s e-business division president, but he soon became the company’s first CIO/CTO. He left an important mark at Verizon owing to the fact that he managed to diversify the company’s range of services. He made their telecommunication industry services broader and was the leader of 7,000 employees who supported IT systems and worked on developing new products. The most crucial ones were Verizon One and IOBI. The former is a combination phone, router, modem and portable device, and the latter manages address books, caller ID and is a network-based solution that combines communication services from landline and mobile phones to PCs, Laptops and Personal Device Assistants (PDAs).
Where Mr. Kheradpir also managed to restore prosperity was in the company’s financial department. He reduced the company’s technology spending by about 30% by outsourcing to India, handling all vendors’ negotiations and making improvements on the usage of their IT assets. His division was also responsible for reengineering many of Verizon’s core systems, including call center, website, automated customer service systems and more.
Between 2011 and 2013, he was working at Barclays. Mr. Kheradpir joined them in January, 2011 to take the role of Chief Operating Officer of the Global Retail & Business Bank. His time at Barclays will be mostly remembered for his development of Pingit, a mobile payments software, and his help in improving many other customer service products. As a result, he was promoted to an Officer of Technology and Chief Operations, and it will remain written that he was the first technology executive that sat on the executive team at Barclays.
Mr. Kheradpir was recently employed as the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks, where he launched an Integrated Operating Plan (IOP) that is used to reduce expenses, buy back stock and increase dividends, which was aligned with the activist investors’ recommendations. At the beginning of 2015, Kheradpir joined Coriant to be in their management team. He was appointed CEO on 28 September and took over from the current Vice-Chairman of the company Pat DiPietro.
Shaygan Kheradpir has been well-known for forming and being in charge of teams whose sole mission is to bring new changes into the world, changes which will matter to customers and their employees, investors and the community. The innovations that he has brought improved multiple industries in many segments all around the globe.

October 13, 2015

The Extraordinary Life of Andy Wirth

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In life e all have the chance to rise to extraordinary levels. Some do so in such a way that they aid others and make this a better world. They offer their talents, time and energy to a higher purpose that goes far beyond self and absorbs others. These people are hard working, philanthropic, and are willing to sacrifice self for the betterment of the whole.

Andy Wirth is one of these people. Born in Germany,he has worked hard to get to a place where he is able to benefit others with his talents, expertise and knowledge. He is well loved by his community and has made strides to help improve the condition of life in the Tahoe area for all who live and visit there.

As a major contributor to community and environmental organizations he tries to help do his part to save the natural surroundings for future generations. His generosity and giving of his time and talents to the community has earned him many community service awards. Among some of these awards include the Tahoe Springs Business Leader of the Year Award and the 2014 Citizen of the Year by the Disabled Sports committee.

His experience has lent to his ability to flawlessly take over the position of Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science from Colorado State University. From there he went on to work as a Ranger at the Rocky Mountain National Parks and at the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area.

Mr. Wirth is also a member of many different boards including the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. After he became the President of Squaw Valley in 210, he went about orchestrating the acquisition of the nearby Alpine Meadows Resort. The successful acquisition has led to a collaboration between the two resorts that now offers better deals and combined ski tickets to visitors.

He is married to a real estate lawyer and has three children. Mr. Wirth is known to participate in both triathlons and 1/2 marathons. After 25 years in the mountain resort industry, Andrew Wirth is well experienced and has a proven record of enhancing the holdings he is responsible for.

His experience aided him in making renovations at Squaw Valley that dramatically improved the conditions and trails for skiing, as well as dining and guest accomodations. In conjunction with the Alpine Valley resort, Mr Wirth has altered the face of skiing getaways for those who visit the Tahoe and Reno areas.

Truly a man of distinction who has served his community well and is expected to continue in his selfless service for many years to come. Andrew Wirth is someone who has risen to an extraordinary level.

September 12, 2015