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The Face of Nationwide Financial Services–David Giertz

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Social Security is a form of retirement planning. It is something that is very critical for a person’s financial future. David Giertz, President of Nationwide Financial, sits down and talks about the importance of it and sheds light on why an advisor need to focus on social security. It is very important for advisors to speak with their clients about social security. It is found that a a lot of them are not educating their clients about it.

A survey of consumers were conducted at In the survey, it showed that many people were not aware of the things they needed to know about social security. The survey also revealed that 4 out of 5 people said that they would change advisors if they didn’t receive the proper guidance of dealing with social security. It helps with retention of clients. The advisors on may not want to face the topic of social security because it’s handbook has 2700 rules. It is a very complex matter. The key is to have the knowledge, courage, and the confidence to face those rules for the sake of the client. Having a retirement advisor can either help the process run smoothly, or cost you a lot of money in the end.

David Giertz, also known as Dave, is Senior Vice President of Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. He is the Financial Advisor for Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. He has more than 30 years of experience in this industry. He has served in that position since 2013. Currently, he has many positions under his belt. He serves as President, Senior Vice President and Director for many other Nationwide companies. That is a lot of responsibility for one person, but David Giertz is the man for the job.

Before he started his career with Nationwide, he worked with Citicorp Investment services for almost a decade. Giertz then moved on to Financial Horizons Security Corporation and worked there for a few years. According to, he has certification as a broker through the State Securities Law Exam, the General Industry & Products Exam, and the Principal/Supervisory Exam.

May 29, 2017

Igor Cornelsen Explains The Basics Of The Brazilian Economy

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The proprieter of Bainbridge Investments, Igor Cornelsen has spent the majority of his career in finance looking to encourage investors from the U.S. to take their chances on the Brazilian banking system. Based in Colorado, Igor Cornelsen has impressed me with his skills and the high level of knowledge he has of the banking system in the South American country. I was particularly impressed with the knowledge Igor Cornelsen has of the way the economic system in Brazil can seem confusing to U.S. based investors, but that opportunities to invest in the country should be explored to their fullest by internationaly aware investors.

The writings and interviews by PR Newswire of Igor Cornelsen largely focus on the ways the Brazilian financial system is similar to that in the U.S. or any other major economy; among the benefits Brazil offers are the ten major banks that handle the majority of funds passing through the economy. I was impressed with the knowledge Igor Cornelsen showed of the Brazilian banking system, which included the fact many of the largest banks in the country are owned by global banking institutions found in almost every major nation of the world. Cornelsen provided a good example of this banking framework with Citibank Brazil, which is part of the largest banking network in the world.

Another area that impressed me with the knowledge of Igor Cornelsen was that of the areas of both strength and weakness the Brazilian economy has, which include the impressive trade links formed with China that will keep the company trading around the world for many years to come. Trade agreements with China have helped keep Brazil at the top of the heap in terms of the economic situation in South America, but I agree with Igor Cornelsen in his view that a change in financial policy is the most important aspect of keeping the country a top option for investors like myself to enjoy.

April 15, 2016