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Thor Leornado halvorssen Mendoza, a Venezuelan born in the year 1976 and also commonly referred to as Thor Harvolssen is a political science and history graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he also was issued the Sol Feinstone award for protecting student speech.

Thor is:

  1. The chief Executive Officer of Foundation of Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) which is a U.S liberties organization.
  2. The founder and chief executive officer for human rights foundation, an international group formed in 2004 that was to champion the definition of Human Rights. He founded this group after stepping down as head for Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.
  3. The founder of Oslo Freedom forum which is a global annual gathering for human rights advocates that was founded in 2009 and which is also referred to as the spectacular human rights festival.

Thor Halvorssen is a well renowned Human rights advocate with his main contribution areas being in advocating for the interest of the public, advocating for rights of individuals and advocating for civil liberties.

In addition he has also been referred to as the patron of The Children’s Peace Movement, a group based in C-Czech republic that facilitates relations between children and adolescents in Poland, Norway, Slovakia and Canada.

His love for human rights advocacy is somehow inherited since Thor Halvorssen is son to a drug Czar (Halvorssen) who was imprisoned at Caracas Prison (where he was beaten and tortured) as a result of the investigation he was conducting on a certain Cartel for possible money laundering and bank fraud. His mother, Hilda Mendoza who was shot and injured as she was attending peaceful protest that was intended to recall Venezuellan referendum of 2004 was a descendant of president Cristobal Mendoza and relative of president Simon Bolivar. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

He in 1999,on the floor of Lucent Technologies shareholder meeting appealed for the anti-slave labor policy.

His love for human rights protection is so much he once in 2001stated that, “Liberty of opinion, speech, and expression is indispensable to a free, and in deepest sense, progressive society. Deny it to one and you deny it effectively to all.”

November 10, 2016