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Why You Need To Invest In Brazilian Stocks

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Investors are looking for investments outside their countries. They want to expand their portfolios by investing in foreign countries and firms. Brazil has a booming stock market thus offering the best stocks to investors. The financial market is stable and the economy is growing at a steady rate. These factors have put Brazil on the forefront of emerging markets. It is important to know a few things before investing in Brazil.

First of all you need to weigh your investing options. There are two options for investors to consider. The first option is offshore investments, which come in the form of global depository receipts, American depository receipts, mutual funds or exchange traded funds. The other option is to invest in the listed stocks on the Brazilian stock exchange. It is prudent to invest in the option that maximizes your returns.

The Economy of Brazil is ranked as the 10th largest economy globally according to Tumblr. The country continues to enjoy a remarkable growth of its economy because it is among the few countries that are self sufficient in oil. The country has other alternative sources of energy, which have been central in enhancing the foreign exchange receipts of the company. Brazil has plenty of natural resources and manufacturing companies.

The Megabolsa handles Buying and Selling of equities. The transactions are processed electronically. This electronic trading mechanism enables investors to use the internet trading facilities to pick stocks as provided by stockbrokers. This exchange offers direct market access by placing direct orders into the Megabolsa system. The stock options are organized according to time and price. The Brazilian stock exchange is called BM&F Bovesa. It was formed in 2008 out of a partnership between the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange and the Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange. The merger offers a number of products such as commodities, corporate and government bonds, exchange trading funds as well as stocks and commodities.

It is important to know that before trading begins there is a fifteen minute pre-opening segment where orders are put in the trading system and opening prices are established. In the last five minutes, there is the closing call where transparent closing prices are established. The trading session in Brazil starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm. There is an after hour trading platform that operates from 5.30 pm to 7 pm.

Igor Cornelsen is a former Brazilian banker who turned to investments. He serves as a proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Inc, which is located in Bahamas. Igor encourages clients to diversify their investments. He asserts that diversification ensures that they will not suffer major losses in case of market risks.

Cornelsen urges investors to have a thorough knowledge about the Brazilian market before they make any investments. Over the years, Igor has provided innovative guidance to clients. He has also helped people stay away from bad investments. Currently, Igor holds high-ranking positions in different leading Brazilian banks.

December 8, 2015