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Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf Says Company Safe Despite Brexit

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Flavio Maluf is a man of vision. The CEO of Brazil-based Eucatex Inc. has been on the forefront of change ever since he took the helm back in 1998.


A few months ago, with the European Brexit looming, Maluf spoke about how it would affect Brazil once the U.K. left the European Union. Maluf says the Brexit could have huge implications and broke down exactly how and why.


In the meantime, Eucatex is still doing well. If Maluf has his way about it, the company will continue to do so.


Maluf was born to lead, his LinkedIn credentials show as much. His father was a successful businessman, and his uncle was the former CEO of Eucatex.


Maluf is a mechanical engineer by trade. He also has a law degree. He has utilized both well while working at Eucatex.


After living abroad in New York for a year, Maluf went back home to take a job at Eucatex in 1987. He moved around to different areas of the business because he was determine to know everything he needed to about the business.


After being named CEO, he went in full-throttle to make the necessarily changes needed to put the company on a different level. He opened two additional manufacturing plants, and he also made a number of administration changes.


Today, the company is as successful as ever. Maluf has been one of the leading proponents of green initiatives and using clean energy. “I have always been concerned with our carbon footprint,” says Maluf. “Helping to keep our forests thriving and our air clean is my main goal,” says Maluf on his Facebook.


Maluf assures workers and stockholders that he intends to work for their best interest and will do everything he can to keep the company on solid ground.

October 6, 2016