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Beneful Dog Food and Treats Are Healthy, Delicious and Affordable For Your Dog

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Dog treats are not what they used to be. It used to be that dog treats were once all the same. They were made from all the same ingredients and were all shaped in the same shapes. Those same brands that were once available back then are still available today however many of them are made with much better ingredients and far less preservatives.If you are looking for a brand of dog treats that is healthy for your dog as well as being available for a much less price when compared to dog treats made available through your local veterinarian or co-op. If you want those same tastes, those same treats that you once were able to purchase, you want to purchase Beneful Dog Treats. These treats are made with quality ingredients and are much easier on your wallet when compared to other companies.

If you want to go above and beyond to save even more money, there are coupon sites out there that will help you to save more money. The coupon sites will allow you to print a number of coupons as well as combining those coupons with coupons through your local Sunday paper. If you combine a number of coupons together, you are able to save quite a bit on each package of dog treats that you purchase.

If you know of a specific style of treat, for instance you might need to purchase dental treats for your dog. If your dog is in need of dental treats, there are healthier options for you to use instead of raw hide treats that help your dog’s teeth. The large dental twists will help your dog to reduce the amount of plaque buildup on their teeth, the twists will taste good as well as clean their teeth. The multi colordog treats are one of the best treats made available for your dog and are one of the more affordable treats.

April 17, 2017

Looking for a tasty meal for your dog? Try Beneful!

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Who doesn’t like delicious food? Unless you are from a different planet, everyone likes to eat good food, and this is applies for dogs as well.

I am an owner of a 2 year old golden retriever. His name is Snickers, and just like the candy, he is a really sweet dog. He loves to cuddle, and he is my best friend.

Just like how I like to eat tasty food, Snickers likes to eat tasty food too. That is why I feed Snickers Beneful dog food, a product of Nestle Purinastore. They have a wide range of variety to choose from, and he has been loving it since I have started feeding him Beneful.

I want to suggest you a few products from Beneful that I think your dogs will enjoy.

Tuscan Style Medley with beef, carrots, rice, and spinach

This is a wet food product from Beneful. Made with real beef, carrots, rice, and spinach, this nutrient packed meal is perfect for Snickers. It has a tasty flavor that Snickers loves. I really recommend this one strongly.

Beef Stew with peas, carrots, rice, and barley

This is another wet dog food variety from Beneful, and this flavorful recipe always has Snickers shaking his tail with joy. It has a lot of protein for Snickers to grow up strong and healthy.

Originals with real salmon

Snickers is not a very picky eat, but he has a real taste for this dry food from Beneful. Made with real salmon, this is for every seafood lovers out there. See,

Baked Delights Stars with bacon & cheese

These are dog treats that I like to give to Snickers. Made with bacon and cheese, this shortbread treat will put a smile on any dog’s face. I have given this to my neighbor’s dog as well, and she loves it too!

So these are my recommendations of Beneful products. I hope this has been helpful.

If you want your dog to be happy, I highly recommend trying these products. I think you guys will not be disappointed.

June 2, 2016

Purina Choosing New Ad Agency

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Purina is one of the oldest pet food manufacturers in country and the food choice many pet owners have turned to provide complete nutrition for their animals. That popularity is due in part to the advertisements that have blanketed the market over the past three decades and headed up by the Publicis Groupe agency. But that will change in the near future as Purina has been in search of a new ad agency to represent all their pet food brands, including Beneful. All other lines of Purina pet food products have been removed from the oversight of the Fallon agency and its subsidiaries except the Beneful line, and that lucrative account will soon be placed in the hands of a new ad agency.

The Publicis Groupe has managed the Purina account for over 30 years and is not defending itself against the search for a new ad agency for Purina. Fallon chief Mike Buchner has stated that he is honored to have represented the Purina brands and proud of what the companies have built together.

Nestle, the parent company for Purina and all its brands, has narrowed down the search to two unnamed agency finalists. The lucky agency winner will manage the ads for Purina’s current best selling brand, Beneful on twitter. Reported spending for the best seller topped out at over 40 million by the third fiscal quarter of 2013. A nice chunk of change for new ad agencies to be clamoring over.

Many dog and cat owners (plus other types of pets) have relied on the Purina brand to nourish their pet at every life stage and take them from birth to death in the most healthiest way possible.

Beneful, the top seller for Purina, offers a wide range of food products for dogs that are formulated to promote health and play at each stage of a dog’s life.

Twenty wholesome varieties of Beneful are available and each one is packed with real meat protein. Real chicken, beef, pork and lamb (not byproducts) go into the making of Beneful. Along with the meat is recognizable chunks of real vegetables to round out the meal and make it healthy and nutritious. Green bean, carrots and barley can be seen in each container of Beneful and the dog food contains the unseen health-promoting goodness of antioxidants and omega-3s.The dog food product comes in both wet and dry formulas to suit the needs of the owner and palates of the dog. Baked snacks in a wide range of canine-pleasing flavors and textures are also part of the Beneful line of products.

September 18, 2015