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Yeonmi Park’s New Book about her Struggles to Freedom

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Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist as well as a North Korean defector. She was raised in a family that was well educated and politically connected, but after her father involved himself in the black market, then all her misery started. After giving a speech in Dublin Ireland during One Young World summit of 2014, Park started rising to global prominence. Park continues to be very outspoken in refugee and human rights. Yeonmi Park has many times given the upsetting story about her escape from the dictatorial regime of North Korea as a child. However, she has never before opened up about the most intimate and overwhelming details about the repressive society that she grew up in and the hefty price that she had to pay in order to escape. In her upcoming book; In Order to Live, Park tells of how she grew up in a close-knit family that was full of love, but North Korea’s life was unbearable and practically medieval. Park would often go hungry for days and was instilled with the mentality that the country’s dictator, Kim Jong II was able to read her mind. Her father took the risk of trading in the black market in order to feed the family but he was unfortunately caught, imprisoned and tortured. Yeonmi and her mother were later smuggled into China. Yeonmi tells on Youtube of how she never dreamt of freedom as she escaped into China. All she knew was that in the case her family were left in North Korea, they would probably die of hunger, diseases and the inhuman conditions in prison labor camps. The journey to China was more than just for survival purpose, they were also in search of Yeonmi elder sister who had escaped earlier. In this book, In Order to Live, Park tells of her life’s darkest corners while living in North Korea and China. She boldly shares her life’s deepest sorrows of how she and her mother were deceived and sold as sex slaves while in China. They had to endure terrible physical and psychological hardship before they made it to Seoul, South Korea – where they earned their freedom.

November 21, 2015