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Beneful and My Dog’s Mental Health

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The most significant way for an owner to benefit their dog’s health is with exercise and nutrition. The use of exercise will deliver the obvious benefits that occur from exercise, but it will also positively affect the dog’s mental health. Dogs are still at least partly subject to their instincts like their wolf ancestors. Wolves are often shown chasing their prey in the pack until they overcome and subdue their prey. At this point, the animals gorge. However, this is only a part of their diet. The rest of the food that a wolf receives will because they catch small prey and exploit smaller opportunities to obtain themselves a personal meal in between these pack hunts. This requires a wolf to be constantly in the act of outsmarting and catching these meals.

Modern dogs have this same urge, but domestication has relegated it to a ritual because their human owners provide the meal. However, it is a necessary ritual that will alleviate stress and boredom in the pet. Much of the mischief that comes from dogs especially when their owners are away or unaware occurs because this natural urge to explore is not being engaged. There are a lot of remedies being invented as trainers, breeders and owners realize that this is an issue, but frequent walks could greatly alleviate this problem also. There will be a marked change in the dog’s behavior both when the owner is home and away. Owners will find a calmer animal and much of the mischief will be alleviated.

However, some of this mischief is related to nutrition. Even when dogs are fed enough, if the nutrition is not sustentative, dogs will often want to eat more. Sometimes they will hunt on their own, but often they will get into dog and human food to satiate their need for more nutrients. These issues can be alleviated by combining the exercise with a nutritionally complete dog food. Active dogs will also need a brand of dog food that has an ample amount of animal protein, but there are not many dog foods proven to be of this quality. I personally have only found a few. The one I use most often is Beneful.

Beneful is a complete brand with a wide variety of options. When I am walking my dog, I help my dog think he is hunting for real by providing a bit of Beneful on samsclub dry food when he has chased the ball hard for a while or followed a trail for a distance. This satiates that hunting instinct. He would formerly get into the pantry to eat more food, but after the walks and the addition of Beneful, these issue have ceased completely. He also has more vigor and is eager for the walk. I also feel better because I know that he is mentally better. The lack of exercise and poor nutrition was taking a toll on his entire wellness. Thanks to Beneful in have a dog with the fuel to handle his regimen.

November 2, 2015

Keeping A Dog Healthy Can Be As Simple As Buying Them Beneful Brand Foods

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A dog that is feeling well and very healthy will have all kinds of energy, and the dog will be able to do things that sick dogs cannot do. As a dog ages, if the dog gets sick, or if a dog is tired, it’s unlikely that they’ll be able to keep up with a regular dog that’s very healthy. There are several things that can make a dog sick or keep a dog healthy, but it boils down to the food that they are consuming. Good food is a way to keep a good body, but bad foods can lead to a dog being sick, similar to a human.

If a dog is fed food that has everything they need nutrition wise, then it’s likely that they’ll have a lot of energy to spare, and they’ll be able to do everything that most dogs do. Dogs that are not getting the nutrition they need will not only lack energy but the dogs are more likely to catch diseases or sicknesses that are easily preventable by feeding them good food. It shouldn’t be a wonder why people take vitamins each day, it’s because it’s good for the body, so why shouldn’t dog food have vitamins in it as well?

Dog food that lacks vitamins means that the dog is more susceptible to things like a cold, and it’s possible to see the dog get sick during certain times of the year. A dog may even live in the home and still become sick, just because they are not getting good food. Even if the food seems to be good, and they’re enjoying it, it doesn’t mean that the food has everything the dog needs, including minerals and vitamins. The only way to determine what is inside of a dog food is by reading the label, which should have the ingredients listed as well.

Some dog foods try to put the ingredients in the smallest print, just so that the pet owner doesn’t take the time to read it, and this way dog food manufacturer can hide the junk that is in their dog food. Beneful brand foods will put all the information about the main ingredients in their dog food right on the label as well as putting the complete ingredients in bold print so it can easily be read by anyone. Beneful wants the pet owners that buy their food to know that the food is great for dogs as well as all the good ingredients that go into the formula.

When making a choice of which dog food to buy, Beneful should be at the top of the list because of everything that it offers to any kind of dog. Whether a dog is small, big, a puppy, an aging dog, overweight, underweight or any other type of dog doesn’t matter because Beneful has food for them. Every dog can enjoy Beneful as well as getting nutrients from it, and Beneful can help to keep them healthy, and they will be less likely to get certain illnesses.

October 28, 2015