End Citizens United Raises $4 Million Through Q1 Efforts

Through the first quarter of the 2017 fundraising season the team at End Citizens United has seen a rush in donations like they had never experienced before. End Citizens United managed to pull in an astounding $4 million quarter which set the team up nicely for their ultimate goal for the year: $35 million. The End Citizens United political action company was established by Tiffany Muller as a way to try and enforce some sort of change in terms of campaign finance reform. With so many people on the progressive and moderate side willing to get active, now is an important time in their lifespan.


The goal of the PAC has always been to address the infamous 2010 Supreme Court decision which featured the conservative group, Citizens United. Citizens United argued for looser campaign financing laws and they somehow managed to win and convince the court. This has led to a flood of dark money that has fundamentally scarred the way American politics works. How can we expect a politician who receives $1 million in donations from an oil company to vote for green energy on behalf of his or her constituents? The problem is evident and very few people outside of the progressive left are willing to confront it.


This makes the work of Tiffany Muller and the End Citizens United group so much more important. With the election of Donald Trump the left has been more encouraged and emboldened to fight for political change than ever. Muller claims that Democrats and independents are pretty much “furious” at Trump’s election and they doubled down on that fury with Trump’s Supreme Court stolen seat, handed to the most conservative Judge possible — Neil Gorsuch. This anger has manifested itself in the way of PAC donations and the End Citizens United PAC has seen nearly 100,000 people donate to their cause.


The team at End Citizens United knows that they have to make a serious push in the next year if they want to have any impact in Washington D.C. With the 2018 Congressional Elections right around the corner the team at End Citizens United will be focused on raising another $30 million or so. Their goal, ultimately, is to encourage and help fund progressive politicians who are willing to put their name on the line to get campaign finance reform on the bigger ticket. A partisan amendment hasn’t been passed at the congressional level since 1992 so it’s going to be a long shot no matter what.


Still, End Citizens United is backing politicians who are speaking out on behalf of the people and that should lead to progress no matter what. Fingers crossed for the 2018 elections and hope for a strong showing from End Citizens United.


July 17, 2017

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