Logan Stout’s Success In Supplement Industry

Logan Stout is an entrepreneur, a leadership trainer, an athlete, and a renowned best-selling author. He is the Founder of IDLife, a health and wellness venture that focuses on personalized nutrition. Since its inception in March 2014, the firm has changed people’s lives through its unique products and the outstanding business model. Logan has been the IDLife’s CEO and has used his vast experience to transform the vitamin and supplement market through his company.

What inspired Stout to start IDLife? According to Logan, he felt that the vitamin and supplement industry was fragmented and did not meet users’ needs and demands. For this reason, he launched IDLife to ensure people’s needs were met in a more personalized manner. He also decided to invest $23 billion a year in the industry because he noted that more people were increasingly focusing on healthy living. IDLife has since grown exponentially and has been attracting more partners to its ranks, including Troy Aikman, Darwin Deason, and Jen Winderstrom, a celebrity trainer.

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To ensure IDLife attains its goals, Logan has been using nationally recognized authors, trainers, and fitness ambassadors to educate people on the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. More and more people are accepting IDLife due to its quality nutritional products. In 2016, IDLife was listed among the top 100 solid MLM companies in the world. How does Stout achieve all this? Well, he believes in teamwork and has strict success principles that he applies to accomplish his goals.

Logan is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world. He uses his talks to encourage others by explaining how he has made billions of dollars in revenue throughout his career. He also uses his talks to help others build leadership skills. In the summer of 2013, Logan published a book to inspire leaders and assist readers to maximize their potential. The book made Logan a best-selling author, and he was endorsed by leading entrepreneurs like Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John, the Founder of FUBU. Logan has also partnered with the leading motivational speakers like John C. Maxwell to develop leaders all over the world.

Learn more about IDLIfe: https://www.inc.com/profile/idlife

July 7, 2017

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