Beneful Healthy Is Perfect For Puppies

Beneful Healthy puppy food was formulated specifically for growing puppies. It is made using the highest quality chicken as the main ingredient, which means this food is protein packed and perfect for a puppy at any age. The exact protein content is 28 percent which is great food for puppies that are very active and developing quickly. A high energy Vizsla puppy is a good example of a dog that would thrive on this dog food. In addition to the chicken, the Beneful Healthy puppy food is also packed with healthy nutrients like DHA that promote the complete development of a puppy’s brain and eyes.

The nutrients are calcium rich and work to develop strong and healthy bones that will help the puppy out later in life. The kibble is made in a variety of shapes in order to give your puppy enough variety so that he does not become bored with eating the same type of kibble every single day. Beneful Healthy puppy food is always a hit with puppies so you will not have to worry if you have a picky eater. Do not forget to check out the Beneful website before buying your next bag because they always have options for coupons.

June 30, 2017

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