JHSF: Towards Sustainable Property Development

One of the building pillars of JHSF’s success is its commitment to developing high-end properties, for both residential and commercial, using innovative technologies that allow the company to incorporate sustainable development concepts to their projects. This has seen the company win several awards for the unique, innovative yet sustainable projects that incorporates sustainable concepts with luxurious feel. Industry players including architects have honored such projects with awards. With over 1,000 employees, the Sao Paulo, Brazil-based publicly traded company founded in 1972 has specialized in key areas within the properties market.

These areas include airport management where it currently manages an executive commercial airport. It also manages a series of luxurious hotels in addition to high-end commercial and residential properties. The company also manages several high-end malls. Even though the company started operating in Sao Paulo where it has its headquarters, it has expanded its operations to various regions including the United States and Uruguay. This has seen the company open a corporate office in New York to handle operations in Miami and NEW York where it has several projects including luxurious hotels and real estate properties. It has also expanded its operations within Brazil by initiating several projects in across the country.

Jose AuriemoNeto’s Hands-on Leadership Style

JHSF is a family-owned business. In the recent, the company has initiated several projects across Brazil, Uruguay and the United States. This expansion has been spearhead by the company’s current chairman and chief executive officer, Jose AuriemoNeto. Even before taking over the mantle of leadership at the company, Mr. Neto had already displayed his expansionistic ideology and a keen eye for high-end properties by proposing several high-end real estate projects to the company’s leadership. One of the success factors for Mr. Neto as JHSF’s leadership is his hands-on leadership style. He not only proposes some of the projects undertaken by the company; he occasionally visit the project sites to inspect their progress. He recently visited the United States to inspect some of the luxurious properties project the company initiated in New York. His entreprenueship and management acumen can be traced to several decades ago when he founded a parking lot business at 17 years. He enrolled at FAAP at a young age to study engineering.

May 18, 2017

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