Bruce Levenson Leads Students To Not For Profit Success

In 2010 the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson has been looking for new ways of bringing students from the University of Maryland to develop their skills in the not for profit sector. Bruce Levenson has been willing to use his own funds in his bid to develop the skills of students after making a commitment to create the “Do Good Institute”, which he feels will benefit communities around the world with properly trained nonprofit professionals; Levenson and his wife Karen came up with the initial funding for the $75 million project and played a key role in the fund raising initiatives used by the college.

Students can now major in not for profit studies at the University of Maryland and each semester students have the chance to suggest community based programs that can benefit from a $10,000 donation from the program. Bruce Levenson ( sees the future of not for profit leadership as an important area of study that has largely been ignored by college’s around the world to the detriment of charitable groups who suffer from being run by leaders without the skills needed for future success; the “do Good Initiative” has been designed to act as a pioneering program that other colleges can adapt to suit their own needs in physical and Online learning environments.

Bruce Levenson has always been willing to use the success he has achieved as the founder of the United Communications Group in a bid to help others he feels are struggling to live life to its full potential. According to ESPN, after selling the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise in 2015 the focus on charitable work has become even greater for Bruce Levenson as the Washington University graduate has headed initiatives such as a Kennedy Center ball dedicated to raising funds for the Anti-Defamation League.


April 21, 2017

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