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Brian Boner Is A Diverse Wealth Of Knowledge

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Brian Bonar is the CEO of Dalrada Financial Group and has won awards for his professional leadership as well as savvy investment moves. He was awarded the Executive of the Year in the Who’s Who Cambridge list for the year.

His extensive experience in the financial sector spans an over thirty year period. Delrada has become a leader in the financial sector under Brian Bonar’s leadership. Delrada helps businesses increase their overall efficiency by providing nationally available employee programs. They customize a variety of services including outsourcing and insurance.

Brian Bonar is also the CEO and Chairman of Trucept Inc. and the CEO and CFO of the Amanda Co. Inc. He was the Vice President of Bezier’s Marketing and Worldwide Sale in the early 90s as well as the Worldwide Sales Manager of Adaptech Inc.

Although he serves in many different capacities, he brings in-depth knowledge of all areas of business and finance and enjoys providing his own personal knowledge to anyone seeking more information in any of those areas. Any business he has worked with in some capacity has benefited from his vast knowledge and hands on experience.

Brian Bonar is originally from Scottland, and he attended James Watt Technical college as well as the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow where he received his undergraduate degree. He later received his doctorate from Stafford University that is located in the United Kingdom. He is currently based in San Diego, California.

He is highly skilled in a variety of areas including mergers and acquisitions, marketing, angel investing, consulting, strategy, restructuring, startup improvement, sales, and much more. It seems that everything he has been involved in has achieved a high degree of success under his capable management.

Brian Bonar is not just a prolific business professional, but he is also an active family man and regularly enjoys his favorite pastimes that include golfing and boating.


April 29, 2017

Looking For That High-End Bottle Of Wine Or Champagne? UKV PLC Got Just The Deal For You.

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UKV PLC, an acronym for United Kingdom Vintners PLC is a group of wine enthusiasts and experts reputed for making excellent wine choices regardless of the occasion. This team is profoundly dedicated to ensuring that their clients achieve world-class services and fantastic wines.

As a wine broker, UKV PLC is keen on delivering an excellent level of customized services to their customers. To this end, this dedicated team goes that extra mile to ensure its clients get the best and most prestigious bottles of wine as well as champagne from leading vineyards in Spain, Italy, and France.

UKV PLC is an organization that services clients looking for high-end wines for consumption as well as clients seeking to develop private cellars. UKV PLV does not deal with just any bottle of wine; they deal with the finest and investment grade wines as well as champagnes. They run their business through a comprehensive and independent network of leading names in the industry. Some of UKV PLC’s most viewed wines in their collection include the Dom Perignon 2002, Lafite Rothschild 2008, Margaux 2009, Mouton Rothschild 2007, the Gruaud-Larose 2006 just to mention a few.

UKV PLC offers a lot of advantages to clients who purchase their wines through the organization.

First and foremost is the diversity of brands that UKV PLC offers. This variety comes with a friendly website that is easy for clients to browse through. The company also gives fantastic deals to customers who purchase certain wines or those who buy several bottles at once. UKV PLC may also get you a considerably lower cost per bottle and offer you delivery services.

UKV PLC maintains its contact with its esteemed clientele through social media. The organization has pages on twitter and Facebook through which they post their latest and available bottles and offers. They are also reputed to be incomparably responsive to their client’s messages on these social media sites.

April 21, 2017

Bruce Levenson Leads Students To Not For Profit Success

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In 2010 the former owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Bruce Levenson has been looking for new ways of bringing students from the University of Maryland to develop their skills in the not for profit sector. Bruce Levenson has been willing to use his own funds in his bid to develop the skills of students after making a commitment to create the “Do Good Institute”, which he feels will benefit communities around the world with properly trained nonprofit professionals; Levenson and his wife Karen came up with the initial funding for the $75 million project and played a key role in the fund raising initiatives used by the college.

Students can now major in not for profit studies at the University of Maryland and each semester students have the chance to suggest community based programs that can benefit from a $10,000 donation from the program. Bruce Levenson ( sees the future of not for profit leadership as an important area of study that has largely been ignored by college’s around the world to the detriment of charitable groups who suffer from being run by leaders without the skills needed for future success; the “do Good Initiative” has been designed to act as a pioneering program that other colleges can adapt to suit their own needs in physical and Online learning environments.

Bruce Levenson has always been willing to use the success he has achieved as the founder of the United Communications Group in a bid to help others he feels are struggling to live life to its full potential. According to ESPN, after selling the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise in 2015 the focus on charitable work has become even greater for Bruce Levenson as the Washington University graduate has headed initiatives such as a Kennedy Center ball dedicated to raising funds for the Anti-Defamation League.


April 21, 2017

Beneful Dog Food and Treats Are Healthy, Delicious and Affordable For Your Dog

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Dog treats are not what they used to be. It used to be that dog treats were once all the same. They were made from all the same ingredients and were all shaped in the same shapes. Those same brands that were once available back then are still available today however many of them are made with much better ingredients and far less preservatives.If you are looking for a brand of dog treats that is healthy for your dog as well as being available for a much less price when compared to dog treats made available through your local veterinarian or co-op. If you want those same tastes, those same treats that you once were able to purchase, you want to purchase Beneful Dog Treats. These treats are made with quality ingredients and are much easier on your wallet when compared to other companies.

If you want to go above and beyond to save even more money, there are coupon sites out there that will help you to save more money. The coupon sites will allow you to print a number of coupons as well as combining those coupons with coupons through your local Sunday paper. If you combine a number of coupons together, you are able to save quite a bit on each package of dog treats that you purchase.

If you know of a specific style of treat, for instance you might need to purchase dental treats for your dog. If your dog is in need of dental treats, there are healthier options for you to use instead of raw hide treats that help your dog’s teeth. The large dental twists will help your dog to reduce the amount of plaque buildup on their teeth, the twists will taste good as well as clean their teeth. The multi colordog treats are one of the best treats made available for your dog and are one of the more affordable treats.

April 17, 2017

Nationwide Title Clearing Was a Winner From The Beginning

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Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. was a success from its inception in 1991. It started out as a small, local title and abstract company and in 25 years it has grown to be one of the largest and most proficient distributors of wholesale mortgage documents in the world.


Success such as this just does not occur by accident, but by good leadership and close management. The mortgage business is very competitive, yet eight out of the top ten retail mortgage and lending companies have chosen Nationwide as their primary source for documents. These companies are among the largest retail lenders and mortgage companies in the world.


The primary criteria that retail institutions look for are the speed of delivery and the accuracy of that delivery. Consider a closing meeting regarding the transfer of property from the seller to the buyer. Most people who have been involved in a closing of one property or another, realize that the proper documents, such as a lien release and a statement of clear title must be available or the closing will have to be rescheduled, or worse a buyer might back out of the deal.


Employees are trained continually on the procedures and are allowed to input their ideas regarding procedures. An employee sometimes can see better because they are continually right there, so management listens to those suggestions.


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. has a compliance rate of 99.89% and a rate of failure of only, 78%, which means that Nationwide is delivering documents at reliable speeds and great accuracy nearly 100% of the time. When you consider the volume of documents that Nationwide deals, this is most impressive.


Nationwide can reach out to each and every county in the United States and to every other jurisdiction where these records are stored. This amounts to over 3,600 entities that store records that the company can access. Clients can order these records directly, in many cases. They are supplied with their proprietary code to gain access, and the results are instantaneous.


These impressive results are due in part to a very heavy investment in technology that ensures that proper auditing and follow-up procedures are always in place. Just about every step in Nationwide’s process procedures has been audited by just about everyone including Nationwide. Each step in each procedure has detailed best practices outlined and followed.


If the past is an indication of events to come, Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc. is bound for more success at even higher levels. There is little doubt about that.



April 15, 2017

Life Line Screening Assessments for Better Health

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No one wants their doctor to give them a diagnosis of lung cancer, diabetes, congestive heart failure, or COPD. However, if you are overweight, have high blood pressure, have elevated cholesterol, have elevated blood sugar levels, or smoke, you are at risk of developing these diseases and many others. Today, there are steps that you can take to lessen the chance that you will receive such a diagnosis. Life Line Screening is one of the ways that you can have better health.

Life Line Screening provides individual health screenings for you to assess your overall health and if you are at risk of developing serious diseases. Their 6 for Life assessment uses ultrasound, finger-prick blood screening, and limited electrocardiograph screenings, for individuals who want to take a proactive approach to their health. Highly trained technicians using the same equipment used by hospitals perform the screenings, which are then read by board-certified physicians. Your personal physician can use this assessment to make recommendations for any lifestyle changes that you need to make to reduce your risk of developing these health issues, However, Life Line Screening goes beyond the screenings. If you are at risk, a yearly 6 for Life assessment is recommended.

Keep Reading: Latest Life Line Screening Studies Show Value of Preventative Screenings for Vascular Disease

As the medical field is constantly changing, Life Line Screening provides ongoing support through Life Line E-Newsletter. Its purpose is to keep you informed of changes in the medical field that affect you and to encourage you as you make the lifestyle changes for better health. Life Line Screening assessments can help you have better health and a better quality of life.


April 5, 2017

Fabletics Gaining Market Share

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There are many new business owners today who are looking to start a company and have great success right out of the gate. In the real world, it takes a lot of time and work to get started in this area. Not only that, but you need to make sure you are thinking about the future with every financial decision that you make. A lot of people today are excited about all of the changes that have happened in this area over the years. Fabletics is a company that has had successful in the athletic wear space. This is a growing area as more people than ever before are looking to take their fitness to the next level. The internet is really helping new companies start to take things to the next level in a variety of areas. If you are ready to start investing for the future, now is the time to do so. You can learn a lot about business success by looking at the example that Fabletics has set.




From the time the company was started, Fabletics has always been about helping others. If you want to help others at a high level, this is the company to work with. Not only that, but this is a company that truly wants to help others in any way that it can. A lot of people today are excited about the product innovation that is coming out of this business. As a new company, product innovation and marketing is key in order to gain market share. It is nearly impossible to compete with large campaigns on the scale that they can produce goods with volume. Not only that, but Fabletics is starting to gain market share from much larger companies in this area. Kate Hudson is a great rep for the company, and she is bringing a lot of knowledge that can be used to help others. If you are ready to start building a great business, look at the ways that Fabletics and their business model has done so over the years.


Future Plans


If you want to start investing for the future, now is the time to do so. A lot of people are excited about all of the opportunities that are there for new business owners today. Many people want to take things to the next level quickly. However, you need to make sure you have a strong balance sheet and are investing for the future. Sometimes, slow success is the best way to maintain success over time. There are a lot of companies that have come out and struggled because they grew too quickly. Instead of falling into this trap, you need to make sure you are thinking about the future with every decision that you make. Not only that, but many people are excited about all of the changes that are going on within the business. Fabletics is the type of company that is always looking to the future for success and will continue to invest in customer innovation.

April 3, 2017