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Basics of Stem Cell Therapy

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Being diagnosed with a lung disease can be a scary prognosis. Not having the ability to breathe as well as you have in the past can be frightening and even frustrating. The Lung Institute has developed a number of therapies and treatments to help those who are suffering from major pulmonary conditions, such as COPD, lung disease, emphysema, and chronic bronchitis.

A new therapy that has been recently introduced and increasing in popularity is the use of stem cells. Stem cells have the ability to re-create any new type of tissue in the body. Stem cells have the remarkable potential to evolve into different cell types within the adult body. Not only are they able to renew themselves through cell division, but they are also able to become tissue specific cells with special functions. This is exactly the case for stem cell therapy for chronic lung conditions.

There are three steps The Lung Institute uses when implementing stem cells for lung disease patients: harvesting, separation, and returning. When the stem cells are harvested, a small blood or bone marrow sample is acquired from the patient to determine correct blood type and matching. The cells are then separated, and the last step is to return them to the bloodstream of the patient. When the stem cells have been integrated into the patient’s bloodstream, the healing process can begin and the patient’s outlook will begin to improve.

The Lung Institute has placed hours and hours of research into using stem cell research to help chronic lung sufferers. Placing your trust in The Lung Institute will help assuage your fears as you enter into this unknown chapter of your life. To learn more, visit The Lung Institute for further treatment options and testimonials.

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March 17, 2017

Looking for a Lawyer? How about Jeremy Goldstein?

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Those looking for a lawyer have a new way of finding one based in the modern era. The Lawyer Referral and Information Service has an online portal that will allow an individual to search for the lawyer they need during intense times of stress. The individual will fill out a questionnaire which is received, confidentially, by a member of the State Bar staff. The staff member will then attempt to match the customer’s case with the best-suited lawyer, saving the customer hours of trying to seek out lawyers the old fashion way of playing proverbial phone tag. It’s still not a self-serve solution but it’s a great step in that direction. One of the lawyers that may be found through this portal is Jeremy Goldstein.


Jeremy Goldstein has his name on some of the largest and acquisitions and mergers in the United States and beyond. Some of the big names that would appear on Jeremy Goldstein’s resume would include Sears, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and AT&T. Each of these companies has made major acquisitions and experienced significant growth with his help.


Jeremy Goldstein has more skills and strategies to call upon than just mergers and acquisitions, however. The field that Jeremy Goldstein specializes in, is advice for compensation committee. While acquisitions is a large part of that it’s only a part of it. Jeremy Goldstein can also help with spin-off companies and shareholder engagement. So if you are looking to bring several companies together, or separate them, Jeremy Goldstein will be able to help you find out what is the best option for your shareholders as well as the future of the companies as a whole.

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March 6, 2017

Patty Rocklage’s Culture of Giving

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Patty Rocklage is a 66-year-old certified psychotherapist specializing in family therapy and marriage counseling from Sudbury, Massachusetts. She has over 20 years’ experience in professional therapy and runs her own company, the Patty Rocklage Life Coach LLC registered in Florida.


According to her bio on Psychology Today, she is accomplished and well-versed with the right temperament, skill and communication skills. Family therapy is important in resolving conflicts in the family setting, preparing family members for major life changes and creating awareness on individual and collective roles in the family.


Patty is a committed wife and mother. She is married to husband Scott Rocklage and they have three kids. They are passionate philanthropists donating to both political and charity causes. They have been known to support the Pittsboro United Methodist Church. Recently they donated to the MIT Department of Chemistry for the renovation of Building 2 and the lab spaces hosted there.


A plaque honoring the Rocklage’s gift is displayed in the lab’s lobby. There was an outpouring of tributes to the Rocklages from departmental heads and Professor Moungi Bawendi, in charge of the nanotechnology and nanochemistry lab space the donation will be used to renovate. Scott Rocklage is an alumnus of MIT where he did his Ph.D. in Chemistry under the mentorship of the 2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner, Richard Schrock.


In addition, Patty Rocklage has previously served on the Women’s Board of the South Sudanese Enrichment for Families, SSEF formerly named the Sudanese Education Fund. This is a non-profit working to improve education, financial stability and employment levels among the Southern Sudanese communities in the greater Boston region. The Sudanese Education Fund is managed by an executive director, a community board, volunteers, a women’s board where Patty served and the board of directors. Patty and Scott also support the Whitehead Institute, a biomedical research facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are also members of the Loxahatchee Club.


Patty and Scott also recently remodeled their house in Sudbury through the Sudbury Companies. The remodel included a fully renovated living area, fresh landscaping, a new porch, a redesigned front foyer and front door. The property became easier to access with the redesigned front area and a more spacious living area.


The Sudbury Company provides whole house renovation under one roof eliminating the costly habit of hiring subcontractors for each section. It is also economical as all work is under the direction of a single expert. Sudbury Companies evaluated the property extensively and made proposals for full house remodeling even though the request was for sectional renovations. In the end, Patty and Scott were ecstatic about the new look home. In light of the renovations, the value of their property also went up.


March 1, 2017