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InnovaCare Health Records Better Results Under Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

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Getting a healthcare company to appear among the best is something that calls for the application of modern methods and tricks. New changes in the industry could mean either a bonus or a problem to private managed healthcare services providers.

These companies have to constantly work on solving the many problems that come with having a huge base of customers. One of the companies in this industry that has seen changes and growth in the last five years is InnovaCare Health, a physician practices company that serves the Puerto Rico region.

Since inception, the company has ensured all its services are designed to offer value to customers. But it was not until 2012 that real change was seen due to the introduction of new leadership methods.

An exclusive report from Business Wire reveals that Rick Shinto and other professionals who joined the company in this period came in with new methods of dealing with problems, something that led to the development of a better healthcare delivery system that benefits customers more.

About Rick Shinto

According to Open Minds, Rick Shinto is a graduate of medicine from the State University of California and he also got an MBA from the State University of Redlands. He is a professional whose effort has seen the clonical health industry develop to offer better solutions to complex problems.

He has authored journals and articles addressing the challenges that put a stop to the development of a seamless healthcare system. He served at NAMM California then moved to Aveta Inc in 2008, where he was appointed the CEO of the company.

In 2012, he joined InnovaCare Health and his leadership has been more about developing new and better ways of dealing with problems. This explains the reason the company has seen many changes that elevated its performance and eventually increased the number of people who use their services in different categories. He works with support from Penelope Kokkinides, a professional whose presence at InnovaCare Health helped to built a diverse network that makes service delivery easy.

InnovaCare Health

According to Manta, InnovaCare Health is a company that serves the North American region and with many customers who benefit from the high quality services that were installed few years ago. As a result of the positive changes that were made to the company, it has seen a growth in the number of users of Medicare Advantage plans to over 250,000.

One of the main reasons the company grew steadily within this period is the fact that it has been enjoying great leadership from professionals who boast of over 20 years in the industry.

January 27, 2017

EOS Offers Tasty Flavors to Improve Lip Health

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Just a few years ago, no one had heard of EOS (Evolution of Smooth). But these days, it’s hard to go into an Ulta drug store, Target store or discount department store without seeing the sphere-shaped lip balms at the checkout counter. EOS started in New York and has quickly become just as popular as well-known brands like Blistex and Burt’s Bees. EOS balms are made from natural and organic ingredients that keep the lips nourished and help to shield lips from harsh winds and cold weather.

The vanilla bean balm is one of the most popular varieties in the EOS line. This lip balm is especially popular during the holidays, and has nourishing vanilla oil that keeps lips from cracking and peeling. EOS also offers a medicated tangerine lip balm that is helping in preventing cold sores. The tangerine oil is also an antioxidant that keeps lips supple and youthful. EOS lip balm also provides an antioxidant-rich blueberry acai lip balm, and a sweet mint balm that features refreshing peppermint that can smooth the lips and freshen the breath.

EOS also offers a variety of hand lotions available at Racked with ingredients that make the skin look youthful, such as cucumber and berry extracts. The company has a number of shaving creams for safe, efficient hair removal as well. For more information on the great products Evolution of Smooth has to offer, visit or


January 19, 2017

The Futuristic Jason Hope

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Jason Hope is a successful futurist who is currently involved in technology, entrepreneurship as well as philanthropy. He attended the Arizona State University where he pursued Bachelors’ of Finance, the institution is based in Tempe, Arizona where he was also brought up. In the same university, he enrolled in a business program at the W.P Carey School of Business. Jason Hope has a special interest in technology as well as investing.

As an entrepreneur Jason Hope owns and runs the Jason Hope Business Consulting, its main aim is to help business in finding strategies, investors as well assist the businesses to raise capital that they need to run their business. Jason Hope assists in enhancing the full technological potential of investors and business by partnering with the in developing business plans.

Jason Hope have invested heavily in the technology. He is of the opinion that we should use the power of the technology to improve our lives, to make things simpler, easier and enjoyable for ourselves. He also takes great interest in mobile applications, gaming software, computer desktop software and their development.

He has also does research on technology and technology infrastructure such as the Internet of Things and also the direction of the industry. As result of this, Jason Hope has made five predictions of the Internet of Thing (IoT)’s future. First, he is of the opinion that the current IoT will be much different in the future similar to what it looked like a few years ago. Second, he says that it give more value in being integrated into more of our devices and in reducing losses.

Third, he foresees that telling or convincing the value of the application to business or consumers will be much more difficult for the future developers. Fourth, he states that it will alter the way we drive because unfocused driving will be reduced and the driving experience will be much more enjoyable. Fifth, he concludes that IoT will cease from being a thing and will become part of our lives. He believed our future will be determined by technology.

In addition, Jason Hope has supported financially the SENS foundation. The Foundation’s main purpose is to research on the control as well as prevention of the age-related diseases. He says that their research is not meant to make people live forever, its work is to ensure that a longer and qualitative life. His opinion. He is of the opinion that medical institution should concentrate more time on the prevention of diseases.

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January 18, 2017

Keith Mann is Uncommon and That is How He Prefers It

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A lot of people in today’s world would prefer to be like everyone else. For most people, it is easier to fit in than it is to stand out. When someone stands out, they are taking a risk and for a lot of folks, they are not ready to take on that risk. Keith Mann is ready for that risk. He knows that without that risk, nothing is going to get accomplished and nothing is going to change in a positive direction in this world. He knows that real change happens when people put themselves out there and they are not afraid to call themselves uncommon and do uncommon things that other people only talk about, but they never actually do.

Keith Man is a doer. He does not like to sit on the sidelines of life. He is right there in the action. He is in the action when he is holding fundraisers for the Uncommon School Districts. This is a cause that means a great deal to Keith Mann because he knows the change it can make for these young adults. All they want is the chance to go to a four-year college. As with most things in life, money gets in the way. That does not make Keith Mann very happy. He has been quoted as saying he wants an even playing field and if anyone wants to go to a four-year college, they should have the chance and nothing should stop them.

That is why with these fundraisers, Dynamics Search Partners has raised over twenty-two thousand dollars. Money goes a long way in the education world and it goes a long way in getting results and making things happen. That is something uncommon for someone like Keith Mann to do, but he is hoping that by him being uncommon, it will not only encourage others people in his position to be uncommon, but it will also inspire children to be uncommon as well when they go to college and get the chance to prove themselves. He is supremely confident that they will take the ball and run with it.

January 14, 2017

How to Monitor the Online Reputation of Your Business

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Are you serious about running your business successfully? Want to make sure that irate customers or malicious competitors do not ruin your business or brand image? If you want to protect your organization or company from potential threats or attacks, you need to take proactive steps. It is important to enlist the services of an online reputation management firm.

The need may not arise right away, but there may occur a time when you will need professional online reputation managers. These people have a unique combination of public relations know-how and technical experience that are essential for handling reputation issues. When it seems that the cyberworld is crashing all around you, they can be a very good asset.

Even if you feel that online promoting and marketing tools are not vital for your business enterprise, chances are your customers are online. Business competitors, previous work associates, even complete strangers are constantly trolling social media sites, forums and other internet sites in a concerted attempt to tarnish your name or your business image. All it takes is one damaging comment or complaint on a social media, blog post, blog comment, or online review website article that goes unanswered by your firm to damage your brand.

The social media is one of the channels used by reputation management professionals to fix personal identities on the net. Each mention of your business should be assessed by analyzing individual feedback, so you can come to a decision on the most desired course of action.

These professionals target the most relevant social media channels to rebuild and shore up your credibility and reputation. With their services, you can rest assured of receiving result oriented reputation management methods to support your presence online.

Professional reputation management teams can use their search engine optimization skills and digital publishing expertise to push down negative content and push up positive reviews in search results. If you do not have a reliable team to monitor conversations about your brand and address any issues right away, you are definitely putting your business at risk.


January 2, 2017