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3 Ways Thor Halvorssen is Resisting Oppression

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Exposing Corruption And Lies

Thor Halvorssen is an amazing film director and uses that experience to support his political causes. Often this occurs in the form of documentaries discussing topics related to human rights. Sometimes he creates films documenting the reality of closed societies. This approach is effective, but at times Halvorssen has experienced threats to his life for his work. He has also used fictionalized portrayals of oppression to express his point. These films are so successful he has even received awards for them.

Standing By His Family Of Freedom Fighters

Halvorssen isn’t the only one in his family fighting oppression. Both of his parents have resisted authoritarianism and examples of freedom fights are easily found going back down his lineage. Halvorssen is a descendant of the famed general Simon Bolivar. Just like Bolivar helped liberate South America from the imperialism of Spain, Halvorssen is helping people across the world create freer societies. The family’s work has often led to unfortunate consequences. His father, Thor Halvorssen Hellum, was once incarcerated for standing up to the oppression that plagues the country. A much more tragic befell his mother during the 2004 referendum. She was shot by supports of Hugo Chavez during a protest. The men involved were never arrested.

Leading The Human Rights Foundation

The center piece of Halvorssen’s work takes place at the Human Rights Foundation. Although Halvorssen had done work as an activist prior to creating this organization, it simply did not produce the same effects the Human Rights Foundation has. He has given the struggle against authoritarianism much more media exposure and helped pave the way for many of the current opposition movements found around the world. Although his fight is far from finished, the impact he has made with the Human Rights Foundation is changing everything.

December 31, 2016

Going Against Amazon with Fabletics by Kate Hudson

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Are you comfortable when you are working out? Do you feel like the blood flow is cut off each and every time you put on a pair of yoga pants? Do your workout pants or yoga pants feel like bicycle pants to you? If so, you should look into new workout gear. If you want something that is a bit more special, you might want to consider using Fabletics for your new active wear.


What is Fabletics you ask? It is a company that was founded by Kate Hudson. Do you know who Kate Hudson is? If not, you might be familiar with her playing roles in movies like “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” or in “Fools Gold”. Either of these two movies were box office hits at one time and are quite popular on the television. If you are still not familiar with her, she is the daughter of Goldie Hawn and Bill Hudson but was raised by Kurt Russell, her mothers longtime boyfriend.


She grew up with famous parents no matter which way you look and for this reason, she always knew that she would be on television. She would either be in movies or be in sitcoms but knew if she wanted to be either or, she would need to look her best. She started out at an early age practicing healthy habits and working out is just one of the ways that she learned to keep healthy. Practicing yoga was another way.


If you are someone who loves yoga, you know that you have to be flexible to pull off certain positions. For this reason, you must have clothing that allows you to move freely into a position and move onto the next position rather quickly. It doesn’t matter if you workout at home or if you workout in a gym. Either place, you need something that you can be comfortable in. Kate Hudson knew this from the beginning and therefore felt like she needed to come up with a solution that would benefit others like her.


This is when Fabletics was thought of. She liked the idea behind it and knew this would be something that others would be interested in. She then approached the people who were able to make it happen. It helps being a well known individual in Hollywood. She knew that if she got someone who could back her up and who also thought this was a good idea, she could really make it sell. The only other problem then became the people who spend most of their money on other sites like Amazon. She knew that with more than twenty percent of people who shop online, they spend their money on the Amazon site instead of others. She was bound to make it happen however and has done a good job at it for the last 3 years. In that time frame, she has earned more than $250 million dollars for the company, all from people like you who simply want to be comfortable when working out.

December 22, 2016

The Roles of Don Ressler at TechStyle Fashion Group

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History of TechStyle Fashion
Don Ressler is the co-founder of JustFab, an online fashion retailer. JustFab’s name has changed to TechStyle Fashion Group. However, TechStyle Fashion Group remains the parent company of Fabletics, ShoeDazzle, JustFab, and FabKids. Formation of TechStyle Fashion Group brings in Kimora Lee Simmons as the company’s President and Creativity Director.

Funding history
After bootstrapping a significant portion of its funds in the first two years, JustFab received $33 donation from Matrix Partners, a venture capital firm. In 2012, JustFab received $76 million in funding from Crossover, Rho Ventures, Bloomberg, and Intelligent Beauty. As a result, the company decided to extend its services to the UK, Spain, Germany, and Canada.

Although JustFab’s workers were instrumental in extending the company’s services out of the US, Don Ressler was the mastermind behind the success of the initiative. Upon expanding to Europe and Canada, TechStyle started providing quality, affordable products ranging from shoes to clothing. Through hard work and ingenuity, JustFab stands out the pact amid increased competition in the industry.

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Riding on the success of TechStyle Fashion Group, Don Ressler acquired FabKids, a children’s subscription site. Kimora Lee Simmons’ influence has made TechStyle to expand positively. Since 2013, the company has expanded to Germany, Spain, UK, and Canada and plans to reach other continents. Just recently, TechStyle has purchased ShoeDazzle, which operates separately. With such initiatives, it is no wonder that Don Ressler is a successful entrepreneur. Through hard work, Ressler always strives to settle for a win-win deal. Most recently, Ressler teamed up with Kate Hudson to start Fabletics, which specializes in athletics wear. Besides online sites, TechStyle Fashion Group has built several mortar stores to reach its customers across the world.

TechStyle’s impact
TechStyle Fashion Group has brought a significant impact on the quality and affordability of fashion. Interestingly, TechStyle embarks on continuous innovation to meet customers’ desires in the ever-evolving fashion industry. With such great designs and affordable rates, it is a remarkable success for TechStyle Fashion Group.

Why the headquarters of TechStyle Fashion Group is in El Segundo, CA?
Although Don Ressler may have established TechStyle’s headquarters in El Segundo by accident, it remained there for a purpose. El Segundo is the ideal location for the company’s headquarters as it borders an international airport, close to a beach, and spacious for office expansion. Today, TechStyle lay on a 128,000 square feet yard and smitten with the city as the day it moved in.

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December 19, 2016

Why are So Many Celebrities Attracted to Kabbalah?

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When pop superstar Madonna announced in the late 90’s that she was a new person thanks to her newfound belief in the ancient teachings of Kabbalah, the world took notice. Before then, many people had never even heard the term “Kabbalah” or knew next to nothing about it.

Today, however, Kabbalah is practically a household word, with many of the world’s most beloved celebrities praising its teachings in interviews. A-list celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Demi Moore, Britney Spears and Zac Efron are all devoted Kabbalah followers and are proud of their newfound spiritual beliefs. So what is it that attracts so many high-profile celebrities to Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is an ancient form of Judaism which provides mystical Biblical interpretations. Kabbalah followers understand that practices such as astrology and numerology are all part of God’s way of communicating with us. Kabbalah also values wisdom that we as humans tend to overlook, such as the importance of balance and staying connected to our higher spiritual power as we navigate through life.

Those who have entered the world of celebrity often find themselves lacking spiritually and emotionally. Fame appears to be a never-ending journey of pleasure and contentment to many of us who have never experienced it, but the truth is that fame can be very lonely and disorienting. Celebrities tend to feel spiritually depleted due to the superficial nature of world in which they exist.

Therefore, many celebrities turn to Kabbalah because it reunites them with their spiritual source, God. Kabbalah also teaches that superficial gain in this world is of no importance as all that truly matters is following our spiritual path. According to Kabbalah, all of us were born with a very specific purpose, and that by connecting with God, we can discover this purpose and live a spiritually-enriching life.

Celebrities and non-celebrities alike have found much comfort and wisdom in the teachings of Kabbalah at the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles. Opened in 1984, the Kabbalah Centre has been providing eager pupils with the ancient wisdom that the Kabbalah teaches.

The Kabbalah Centre does not favor celebrities, either. Anyone who desires spiritual guidance is welcome to join. Students of the Kabbalah Centre enjoy seminars and workshops which teach spiritual truths to those whose souls are in need. Those who practice Kabbalah have found that their lives have been transformed for the better as their connection to God has allowed them to live a life of spiritual purpose.

December 16, 2016

Bruce Levenson Continues Philanthropic Efforts

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One of the biggest sports stories a few years ago surrounded the sudden sale of the Atlanta Hawks. Part of the sale had to do with a controversial firing of Danny Ferry, a former player and member of the front office staff. After the dust settled, the former ownership group of the Hawks, including Bruce Leveson, payed a substantial buyout of Ferry’s contract.

The former ownership entity of the Hawks, Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, has submitted a claim to AIG to be covered for the settlement and payout. The ownership entity had a policy that covered any similar situations, but AIG has not yet paid out on the claim. AIG has even gone so far as stating that a claim was not filed. Due to the lack of response, the former ownership group has started the process of suing AIG to recoup on the settlement that they had to pay out to Ferry.

According to ESPN, Bruce Levenson had a controlling share of the Atlanta Hawks from 2004 until 2014. Prior to his ownership of the team, he was a key member in the founding and development of the United Communications Group. In his tenure with the company, he grew the firm from a small organization to one of the most profitable businesses in the country. Beyond his time spent organizing and developing UCG and set owning the Atlanta Hawks, Levenson has also been involved in a number of different charities. For a period of time, he was the President of the I Have a Dream Foundation, which helped low-income children obtain a higher education. See,

Source: The Official BruceLevenson website

December 12, 2016

Meet Michael Zomber, A Man of Many Passions

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Born in Washington D.C., Michael Zomber is one of the world’s leading authorities on Japanese samurai swords. His passion for collecting arms and armor has lasted over four decades. Besides Japanese arms, Zomber also assembles European, Islamic and American arms. He is particularly interested in the weapons made from the sixteenth century all the way through the nineteenth century. Michael Zomber believes that the ownership of artwork depends on the collector’s stewardship abilities. According to him, present and future generations must appreciate the responsibility to collect and care for artwork.

Zomber’s collection includes precious weapons that he sometimes sells to interested parties. He only sells to people and organizations that appreciate the weapons’ historical and monetary value and are capable of preserving them in their mint condition. Keeping art well will enable future generations to understand the history of the societies that made the weapons.

Besides being a collector of arms, He is a historian, and he has made a significant contribution as a guest on the History Channel in their series ‘Tales of Guns’. The series include such episodes as ‘Guns of the Famous,’ and ‘Guns of the Orient.’ In these programs, Zomber shares his useful insights about guns. Zomber’s work as a historian has inspired his commitment to fostering world peace, having been exposed to the destructive effects of war. He is passionate about supporting organizations whose aim is to encourage amicable solutions to conflicts.

Michael Zomber is also a published author. His most notable historical novels include Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War, and Shogun Iemitsu. He has also published a non-fictional book entitled Jesus and the Samurai, as well as over a dozen screenplays. Together with his wife, Andrea, Zomber has also produced a critically acclaimed documentary film, Soul of the Samurai.

The father of two resides in Philadelphia together with his wife and children. He holds a master’s degree in English Literature from UCLA. A man of many passions, He still works with others to preserve history as well as enhance world peace.

December 8, 2016

James Dondero Joins Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board

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The President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management Company, James Dondero, is announcing his appointment as an Executive Board Member of the Cox business School at the University of Southern Methodist. According to James Dondero, this arrangement means that his relationship with the university grows stronger.

James Dandero is committed to the development of the curriculum that enables students to pursue their University Education. Highland Capital Management Company has developed a Tower Scholar program which encourages and recognizes the professional pursuits in public policy James Dondero also has a strong commitment towards the development of the George Bush Presidential Library.

The Cox School of Business at the University of Southern Methodist has a great contribution to the business environment in Dallas. For this reason, Highland Capital Management Company is one of the main beneficiaries. According to him, he takes the high honor to assist with the numerous excellence and growth initiatives the university is undertaking to improve the curriculum.

The Executive Cox Business Board in the Southern Methodist University has more than 100 appointed members. They give their acknowledged advice on business curriculum strategies. The Executive Board Members meet three times annually.

While he continues to lead Highland Capital Management Company, James Dondero is chairman of the NexPoint Residential Trust, NexBank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. He has also served as a board member to MGM Studios and Jernigan Capital Management Company.

Highland Capital Management Company is a Securities and Exchange Commission-registered investment partner. While the company works together with its affiliating company, the company manages more than $16 billion in assets. The company was incepted in 1993 by Mark Okada and James Dondero.

Highland Capital Management Company is one of the most experienced companies in the world dealing with alternative credit management. The company also has specialties in credit hedge funds, lending strategies, long-only funds, distressed, separate accounts, CLOs, and special-situation private equity.

The Cox Business School in the Southern Methodist University was started in 1920. It was named in honor of Edwin Cox. The University of Southern Methodist Business School is based in Dallas, Texas. It is one of the highly-ranked graduate and undergraduate programs in the United States

December 8, 2016