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My Large Bathroom Gets Spotless And Clean Because Of Handy

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When I built my home, I created an exceptionally large bathroom that is my pride and joy. My bathroom is larger than most bedrooms and can even be considered the size of a small apartment. I have a hot tub in my bathroom as well as a separate shower. I even have enough space in my bathroom to where I have a sitting area, as well as a vanity, which is separate from the closet space, so it’s safe to say that it’s a very big bathroom. As much as I love my bathroom, it can be a challenge to clean.

I’m so glad for Handy because they are the only ones that I rely on to clean my bathroom because I just can’t do it. I can keep the rest of my home clean, but when it comes to my bathroom, as well as the other bathrooms in the home, they are something that I choose not to tackle on my own. I use my Handy account whenever I need some cleaning services, especially for my bathroom. I will sign up to have all three of my bathrooms cleaned at once but also will notate that one bathroom is extremely large in size.

I’ve never had a problem with any Handy ( employee that came out to clean the bathrooms in my home, and that’s why I only choose Handy for any cleaning services that I require. I’ve never had anyone else clean my bathrooms so well, which is why Handy is my favorite company. The Handy employee knows exactly what I want, and I make sure to give them all the directions they need to get started cleaning. I even have carpet on my bathroom floor, which means it needs to be vacuumed, which is something that the Handy employee does as well.

My mirrors are spotless when the worker leaves, the floor is vacuumed, the tiles are mopped, the tub is clean, the baseboards are clean, and even the window in my personal bathroom is cleaned. I love the way my bathroom looks and smells after a Handy employee has been in there, and I like that my toilet is sparkling clean when they finish doing their job. I never have a problem giving a great tip to a Handy employee because they do an exceptional job, compared to the other services that I worked with prior to Handy.


November 24, 2016

An Overview of the Brazilian Judicial Structure

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Since the enactment of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Brazil, citizens have experienced judicial independence and wider access to courts. The Constitution structures the judicial system into state and federal courts as well as specialized and regular courts. The courts include a superior court of justice, a supreme federal court, regional federal courts, electoral courts, labor courts, military courts, federal district courts and state courts.


The Supreme Federal Court (Supremo Tribunal Federal or STF)

The STJ is the highest court in Brazil. It is made up of eleven judges who are appointed by the President following approval by a majority vote by the Senate. The candidates are required to be under the age of 65 and above 35. The judges have the power to select their Chief Justice who does not qualify for re-election.

The primary responsibility of the STJ is to safeguard the Federal Constitution. Besides protecting the constitution, the court has jurisdiction over matters that are considered unconstitutional. This entails declaring actions of unconstitutionality of state and federal laws. The STF also has the power to decide on issues of habeas data and habeas corpus which have been decided in the first instance by a high court of appeal.


The Superior Court of Justice (Superior Tribunal de Justiça or STJ)

STJ is the second-highest Brazil court, and it consists of 33 justices who are under 65 years and above 35. Just like STF judges, they are appointed by the President after approval by the Senate.

The court was established in 1988 by the constitution to enforce federal laws. It is a court of appeal and decides cases in which the verdict of a lower-court judge is considered to violate a federal law or an international treaty. The ruling may uphold the validity of local or state law that is deemed inconsistent with the federal law.


Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho

Tosto Carvalho is a prominent Brazilian lawyer and a founding partner of Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. He has successfully represented notable Brazilian and multinational organizations as well as prominent individuals in cases that have received lots of attention in Brazil.

He is known to be the earliest strategists who adopted numerous legal mechanisms that are now being used as common tools in the Brazilian legal system.

November 19, 2016


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Thor Leornado halvorssen Mendoza, a Venezuelan born in the year 1976 and also commonly referred to as Thor Harvolssen is a political science and history graduate of the University of Pennsylvania where he also was issued the Sol Feinstone award for protecting student speech.

Thor is:

  1. The chief Executive Officer of Foundation of Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) which is a U.S liberties organization.
  2. The founder and chief executive officer for human rights foundation, an international group formed in 2004 that was to champion the definition of Human Rights. He founded this group after stepping down as head for Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.
  3. The founder of Oslo Freedom forum which is a global annual gathering for human rights advocates that was founded in 2009 and which is also referred to as the spectacular human rights festival.

Thor Halvorssen is a well renowned Human rights advocate with his main contribution areas being in advocating for the interest of the public, advocating for rights of individuals and advocating for civil liberties.

In addition he has also been referred to as the patron of The Children’s Peace Movement, a group based in C-Czech republic that facilitates relations between children and adolescents in Poland, Norway, Slovakia and Canada.

His love for human rights advocacy is somehow inherited since Thor Halvorssen is son to a drug Czar (Halvorssen) who was imprisoned at Caracas Prison (where he was beaten and tortured) as a result of the investigation he was conducting on a certain Cartel for possible money laundering and bank fraud. His mother, Hilda Mendoza who was shot and injured as she was attending peaceful protest that was intended to recall Venezuellan referendum of 2004 was a descendant of president Cristobal Mendoza and relative of president Simon Bolivar. Read more: Thor Halvorssen | LinkedIn

He in 1999,on the floor of Lucent Technologies shareholder meeting appealed for the anti-slave labor policy.

His love for human rights protection is so much he once in 2001stated that, “Liberty of opinion, speech, and expression is indispensable to a free, and in deepest sense, progressive society. Deny it to one and you deny it effectively to all.”

November 10, 2016

Evolution of Smooth: A True American Revolution

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The revolution means to spark change no matter the industry of choice. Oral Care is a huge industry with numerous brand and products that are fighting for the top spot. Over the past century, Blistex and Chapstick has dominated the oral care field with their lip balm products. After some time, Burt’s Bees has inched forward and dethroned the two, but as of 2016, Evolution of Smooth is knocking on Burt’s Bees doors and is looking to take the throne. EOS sells their products on eBay and Ulta online.

Evolution of Smooth ( is changing the game in a literally sense. Since it’s inception, (EOS) has steadily grown and is currently the second best selling lip balm in the world. Chapstick and Blistex just can’t compete as (EOS lip balm) has a set game plan. Founders of the company said that they weren’t into creating quick fads that make money, but burn out. The company decided to invest in itself by creation, manufacturing, and distribution. There are no third party dealers soaking up company profits and as of 2016, Evolution of Smooth is worth more than $250 Million.

With over 7 million Facebook followers and 1.8 million Instagram followers, (EOS) has one of the largest customer/fan bases of an upstart company. Celebrities have been taken notice and are consistently using the products. Designer Rachel Roy partnered up with (EOS) and produced limited edition holiday collection. The partnership with Disney caused it’s Alice In Wonderland Collection to sell out in days. One photo of EOS’s new flavor on a specific social site received 40,000 likes.

Millennials make up a large demographic of sales and many YouTube vloggers have reviewed the lip balms with positive reports. All in all, Evolution of Smooth is one of the hottest products available in the 21st Century hands down.



November 4, 2016

Using Professional Securus Technologies

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Securus is one of the top Prison Communication technologies that you can find on the market at the current moment. Lots of people have been making use of this amazing company because of the fact that it is an option for them to keep in better touch with their loved ones. In a recent press release that was published to GTL, there were several inaccuracies that were recently corrected by Securus. These inaccuracies can be found in the new press release that has been submitted and you can find out more about this amazing technology by simply using this as an option.


If you have never used to secure this, you will find that this is a wonderful technology that can truly change the way you view Prison Communication. I have been using Securus for quite some time now and I’m finding it to be one of the best options for myself and my loved ones when it comes to the way that it works. It is a wonderful technology that enables for better communication through video messaging services that you will find to be amazing and quick.


You will find Securus to be great for just about anyone who might be interested in this. Because of the fact that I have been using it for several years, I am finding it to be a wonderful technology that has changed my life as well as the life of my loved one. Despite the fact that a recent press release had a variety of inaccuracies in it, this is still an amazing technology that can help a variety of people in terms of getting the most out of this feature for them and their loved ones even when using secure is on a daily basis and their very own lives daily.


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November 2, 2016

 Raj Fernando is an Undisputed Leader in the Global Trading Markets

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Raj Fernando is a creative trader, investor, public speaker, and an established philanthropist. Apart from holding powerful executive positions at numerous trading companies, he has launched his startups. He founded Chopper Trading in 2002 and served as its CEO until 2015 when he sold it DRW Trading Group, a premier trading firm headquartered in Chicago. In 2016, the technology specialist launched Scoutahead, an Internet startup that focuses on boosting professional growth and institutional productivity.

Career Journey

Raj ventured into the trading world while he was still pursuing his college studies. He worked as a volunteer at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and moved to Chicago Board of Trade. He managed to ascend to the top positions in both firms. Raj was instrumental in transforming his former company (Chopper Trading) into a trusted market leader within a decade. The company hired over 250 workers and traded on globally recognized platforms such as Fitzgerald-espeed, LSE, and Eurex.

Roles in the arena of trading

Raj Fernando offered endless support to the US Commodity Trading Futures Commission (CFTC). Specifically, he supported CFTC’s mission of developing open, accountable, highly competitive, and financially firm markets. He featured on CFTC’s discussion on unsystematic trading practices as a guest speaker. In 2013, Raj spoke to a global audience of media personalities and shareholders at a private industry forum known as Rosenblatt Global Exchange Leader Conference usually held on annual basis.

Board membership and education background

Raj promotes his businesses to the public and establishes strong connections for them by sitting on the boards of prominent companies and charitable organizations. Both PAWS Chicago (animal shelter) and Foreign Leadership Committee in charge of making tough decisions on behalf of Brookings Institution have benefited from Raj’s unparalleled experience and in-depth background in trading. In 2011, he became part of International Security Advisory Board that specialized in offering insights and guidance to the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. However, he stepped down to focus his attention on the global markets that, according to him, were excessively volatile. Raj is a talented academician, holding an undergrad in history and economics from Beloit College. He has an advanced degree from the celebrated University College of London.

November 1, 2016