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Adam Goldenberg Made A Big Hit From JustFab

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JustFab started out as just a fun business idea to add to Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler’s list of companies they were running at Intelligent Beauty, but it’s now turned into a big hit with fashion shoppers everywhere. It started back in 2010, and in just three years it became valuated at over $1 billion. Goldenberg and Ressler started the company because they wanted to do something different in giving shoppers a store that sold styles they wanted, and had social media built into it to make it even more fun. They also put a VIP membership with discounts and bonuses users can get when they signup. Thanks to endorsements from celebrities like Kate and Oliver Hudson, JustFab has soared in the few years it’s existed, and it’s opened up local stores in select cities.

Adam Goldenberg began his story back in the mid 90s when he started up his first business. Adam Goldenberg was only 15 at the time, but he was always churning ideas that nobody had thought of before, and he capitalized on the gaming market when started Gamer’s Alliance. This company became well-known quickly, and just three years after Goldenberg started it, Intermix Media bought it out. Intermix Media hired Adam  before he even finished high school, and at only 20 years old they had made him their chief operating officer.

Goldenberg connected with another upstart entrepreneur, Don Ressler who had started Together, the two of them started collaborating on branding ideas for Intermix Media and helped the company start MySpace on, the social media phenomenon that made Intermix Media famous. They also started up Alena Media, a key source of revenue for the company, but in 2005 when News Corp bought out Intermix Media, they had no interest in continuing Alena’s operations. So Goldenberg and Ressler left to start their own company.

Intelligent Beauty was their first independent company, and under that they distributed various skin care and health drink products. A few years later, they took a brand new idea for shopping and turned it into, the company that would become their greatest hit. They hosted fashion functions in which experts came in to offer ideas on the clothing lines, including Kimora Lee Simmons who would become the company’s president and Director of Creativity. Josh Hannah saw how well this company did in a couple short years, that he supplied venture capital from Matrix Partners, and soon JustFab was opening business all over the world. Total venture capital JustFab has raised has been in excess of $300 million.

October 20, 2016

Taste the Difference in Waiakea Water Through Natural Minerals

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Water is essential to life. Without it, we would all perish. The importance of water is some what overshadowed by many, and misunderstood by others. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water works to bring to light not only the importance of water, but the importance of drinking the right water.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water has been seen as an electrolyte drink but it is so much more than that. It’s a sustainable water that comes from the top of Mauna Loa Subaerial Volcano in Hawaii. This volcano is what makes this water so special. The snow caps melt and every single drop of rain water is pure and pristine.

This volcano filters the water giving it the proper electrolytes. These electrolytes are needed to deliver the proper nutrients to prevent dehydration, and promote health and well being.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water contains
sodium – 6.8

Not only does it contain these four important minerals, it also contains other minerals that your body needs to thrive. And unlike other bottled waters that claim to have the necessary electrolytes, this water offers it in the most natural way possible.

The Benefits of Having the Proper Minerals Through Electrolytes

Sodium- Most people look at sodium as evil. It causes high blood pressure and creates havoc in the body. Unfortunately this is information that has been misunderstood.
Sodium equals water balance. Many people think that just drinking plain water helps to keep them hydrated. This is far from being the truth. Sodium is a mineral that works to regulate fluid levels in the body. It works to deliver water to your cells, in turn keeping you hydrated.

Calcium- Calcium is a mineral that everyone needs. It works to manage pH levels, and it also works to improve blood pressure. Having it in your water is highly important and can be effective when it comes to creating a peaceful environment for your body.

Magnesium- Magnesium is important and many people do not get enough through the diet. It works to keep your bone strong, and it keeps your heart beating rhythmically. Muscle and nerve functions is supported through magnesium, and it also works to boost your immune system. Blood sugar and blood pressure is controlled through proper magnesium dosing.

Potassium- This mineral is highly important and is needed daily to maintain good health. It protects you from high blood pressure, stroke, kidney disorders, stress, anxiety, and heart issues. Potassium has the ability to balance water within your body, and enhance muscle strength.

Silica- This mineral works to rejuvenate the skin. It can help bring back the youthfulness. Silica is the mineral that protects the skin and should be taken in small amounts to maintain youthfulness.

Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water is not only about delivering high quality, healthy water to consumers. They are all about giving back. There are millions of people who lack the ability to access clean water, and Waiakea works to eliminate this problem by sending 650 liters of clean drinking water per every liter purchased, to millions of people around the world.

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October 17, 2016

5 Best Natural Lip Balms

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  1. LUSH Rose Lollipop Lip Balm

This romantic, girly balm smells like roses and lemon to make you feel dreamy and happy. You’ll also love how soft the combination of shea and cupuaçu butters makes your pout feel. The rose oil also soothes chapped, irritated lips.

  1. EOS Smooth Sphere

These cute Evolution of Smooth balms come in tons of yummy scents are are easy to apply thanks to their domed shape. The natural, organic formula softens and smooths your lips while being free of parabens, petroleum, and phthalate. These product is available on Walmart.

  1. Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm

This classic balm nourishes lips the natural way. It uses coconut and sunflower oils to moisturize and heal dry lips and beeswax to seal in the hydration. Plus you’ll love the tingle and energizing scent of the peppermint oil!

  1. Classic Organic Badger Balm

These balms come in a TON of unique flavors like Lavender & Orange, Chai Rose, and Ginger & Lemon. They use all-natural olive oil, beeswax, and aloe to moisturize lips and keep them healthy. These balms are also organic and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about using them.

  1. EOS Visibly Soft Smooth Spheres

These balms use a plethora of natural oils, shea butter, and vitamins C and E to make your lips noticeably softer immediately. The healing moisture is long-lasting so you don’t have to constantly reapply. And you can’t beat their delicious flavors and fun packaging! Available online via

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October 17, 2016

The Success of Eric Pulier

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Eric Pulier is a dedicated individual who has dedicated his entire career to the two passions that he holds dear to him which are business as well as technology that come together to push forward to more and more innovation that has the overall intention of helping the world continuously improve. Eric Pulier is not only a businessman, but is also a philanthropist, an author, as well as a father, who has dedicated his life to not only building a bigger and brighter future for his family, but is also dedicated to building a bright future for individuals located all over the world. With the use of technology, Eric Pulier is focused on solving some of the most complicated issues through the use of technology. Eric Pulier is currently heavily sought after in both the private sector as well as within the public sector for his decades of experience and knowledge as a businessman.

Eric Pulier has had the rare luck of knowing exactly what he has wanted to do even from an early age in life. Eric Pulier is the successful creator as well as co-creator of over 15 different successful startups around the world that are responsible for generating hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. Though Eric Pulier is a successful individual, Mr. Pulier believes that success is not derived from the amount of money that is made. Rather, Eric Pulier believes that success comes after failure and is something that every successful businessman must experience in life.

Eric Pulier is a true innovator who has helped the world evolve into the 21st century with countless uses in technology. Eric Pulier was even chosen by Bill Clinton in 1999 to not only develop, but also execute a plan to create a fair that would show the future of innovation to the world. One of Eric Pulier’s main priorities is to solve the complicated issue of health care which is a widespread issue and has left billions of individuals with no coverage. As a philanthropist, Mr. Pulier has continued to create new and better ways to help others.
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October 9, 2016

Area Organizations Partner to Invest in a Brighter Future for Residents in Southern Dallas

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The future is looking brighter in North Texas. In an area that statistically has some of the lowest rates of home ownership in the United States, the American Dream – owning a home – is about to become a reality over the course of the next five years for hundreds of families in areas of Southern Dallas. This is thanks to the $50 million in support provided by NexBank to Dallas Neighborhood Homes’ Affordable Housing Loan Program.

This altruistic partnership between NexBank and Dallas Neighborhood Homes aims to provide over 100 loans per year. In addition to lending this capital, NexBank is also covering all title fees associated and closing costs of up to $2000.00 per loan affiliated with the Affordable Housing Loan Program. This expansion of the program will also enable Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, the establishers of Dallas Neighborhood Homes, to offer the low-income homebuyers impacted by the program the guidance they need to maximize their success in preparation to become homeowners.

NexBank SSB, charted in 1922, has assets of $3.5 billion. The institution specializes in commercial, mortgage and investment banking. NexBank is no stranger to community-wide outreach and education, as just this past May the bank sponsored Lemonade Day Greater Dallas. Youth set up lemonade stands across the city – using the classic model of the lemonade stand as a vehicle to learn business and entrepreneurial fundamentals; again, illustrating that NexBank is truly dedicated to investing in residents to create a brighter future in the Dallas area.

NexBank has experienced strong year after year growth and is poised to continue this trend. It is certainly reassuring to know that this regional financial powerhouse is dedicated to giving back to the Dallas community and fortifying the long-term development of North Texas.

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October 8, 2016

Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf Says Company Safe Despite Brexit

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Flavio Maluf is a man of vision. The CEO of Brazil-based Eucatex Inc. has been on the forefront of change ever since he took the helm back in 1998.


A few months ago, with the European Brexit looming, Maluf spoke about how it would affect Brazil once the U.K. left the European Union. Maluf says the Brexit could have huge implications and broke down exactly how and why.


In the meantime, Eucatex is still doing well. If Maluf has his way about it, the company will continue to do so.


Maluf was born to lead, his LinkedIn credentials show as much. His father was a successful businessman, and his uncle was the former CEO of Eucatex.


Maluf is a mechanical engineer by trade. He also has a law degree. He has utilized both well while working at Eucatex.


After living abroad in New York for a year, Maluf went back home to take a job at Eucatex in 1987. He moved around to different areas of the business because he was determine to know everything he needed to about the business.


After being named CEO, he went in full-throttle to make the necessarily changes needed to put the company on a different level. He opened two additional manufacturing plants, and he also made a number of administration changes.


Today, the company is as successful as ever. Maluf has been one of the leading proponents of green initiatives and using clean energy. “I have always been concerned with our carbon footprint,” says Maluf. “Helping to keep our forests thriving and our air clean is my main goal,” says Maluf on his Facebook.


Maluf assures workers and stockholders that he intends to work for their best interest and will do everything he can to keep the company on solid ground.

October 6, 2016