Don Ressler Set the World on Fire with Fashion

JustFab Inc. is setting the fashion world on fire with its unique and trendy clothes that are made to wear. The team at JustFab works hard to put together complete looks that can be worn together or paired with other pieces. Their apparel collection joins with the already existing footwear, jewelry, and handbags that made their debut online in March of 2010.

The Beginning

Don Ressler is the co-founder of JustFabs Inc. and CEO of Fabletics. They are subscription e-commerce sites that sell a variety of fashion and accessories on a member only basis for women looking for work wear or a night out on the town. Don Ressler saw a need for an affordable personalized online shopping boutique where fashion could be chosen for its individual members by experienced stylists. The idea was warmly welcomed by the public and today it is one of the largest online marketplaces.

Co-Founders Find Success

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg joined forces to conquer the direct-to-consumer business with JustFab, and in just a short amount of time, they reached the four million member mark. The success of JustFab has led these two talented people to launch Fabletics, an extension of the company.  Goldenberg and  Ressler are entrepreneurs who have proven themselves as excellent businessmen in a competitive marketplace.

Fabletics Gear

Fabletics offers workout clothes that are comfortable and made to last. Working out in Fabletics apparel is now fun and fashionable. They have joggers, tops, leggings, yoga pants, and so much more. The guys can find an entire line of performance gear on the Fabletics website that is designed specifically for them. Kate Hudson is the co-founder and spokesperson for Fabletics. She uses her workout apparel to inspire others to get fit and stay healthy through fashion. These clothes on are a step above the ordinary exercise clothing with their unique and interesting styles. Fabletics understands how important it is to feel confident when working out.

Collaboration is Key

JustFab and Fabletics are in part successful because of the collaboration between people. They know that joining forces with other creators is the secret behind the brand. The style panel members are composed of powerful individuals in the world of style. They recommend outfits that suit the member’s tastes and focus on the target demographics. Today’s fast paced world demands convenience that combines style with affordability and that is what JustFab offers its members.


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September 17, 2016

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