Balancing globalization and investment, Igor Cornelsen’s review of investment decisions in Brazil

The number one dream for most people is to have a sound financial portfolio, retire early, and a successful life. However, this is not a straightforward destination for most. Many people work hard up to their late ages trying to make a living. Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian stock market businessman, is quick to in point at some of the pitfalls in the stock market.

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned investment analyst and strategist. Over the years, he has worked with many clients focusing on portfolio management, consultation, investment advice and general interpretation of the economy.

Igor radiates a unique eye for detail and exposition rare among the current investment advisors on In a recent post on PR news, Igor compares political and ideological positions of key people in the country. He notes that one cannot divorce the issues on the media when making an investment. He flawlessly links and delinks concepts in the stock market dynamics to the amazement of most of his audiences particularly on how to pick winners in the stock exchange by industry and sectors.

In his words, investment decisions require a careful evaluation of many factors. He suggests that globalization is the starting point. The interconnection between countries and regions translate to economic, political and social linkages. A single policy decision in one area can affect the whole region. Igor Cornelsen’s advice to potential investors and other investors in Brazil is that they ought to understand Brazil.

Brazil’s current trade partners include China, the rest of Latin American countries and Asian tigers in that order. To make a good investment decision, you must follow closely global developments especially those that relate to major players in the Brazilian economic landscape.

A Successful investment strategy is one that harmonizes stakeholder effect on relevant markets, judges the expected moves, and places an informed decision. It may sound technical or even complicated but, just like all other experts, Igor does not promise you easy decision making. Igor Cornelsen promises on well-worked positions. He argues that you cannot chance on a poorly orchestrated move; it is foolhardy to expect a smooth sail where so many people often fail.

He advises that once you choose to venture into the stock market, be prepared. Face the issues head on and if need be, always consult with the industry veterans. His business acumen is particularly impressive especially when you contrast it among other industry experts. He is successful as an investor and as an advisor.

If there is an election next door, evaluate the likely outcomes and make informed decisions. This was a response he gave when he was asked about the concept of globalization. He further conjectured, that though this is usually basic investment 101 concept, it is not basic to comprehend and use it.

Lastly, doom for one industry or even country as a whole does not necessarily mean doom in every sector. You can always find a winner in the stock market.

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August 25, 2016

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