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Balancing globalization and investment, Igor Cornelsen’s review of investment decisions in Brazil

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The number one dream for most people is to have a sound financial portfolio, retire early, and a successful life. However, this is not a straightforward destination for most. Many people work hard up to their late ages trying to make a living. Igor Cornelsen, a Brazilian stock market businessman, is quick to in point at some of the pitfalls in the stock market.

Igor Cornelsen is a renowned investment analyst and strategist. Over the years, he has worked with many clients focusing on portfolio management, consultation, investment advice and general interpretation of the economy.

Igor radiates a unique eye for detail and exposition rare among the current investment advisors on In a recent post on PR news, Igor compares political and ideological positions of key people in the country. He notes that one cannot divorce the issues on the media when making an investment. He flawlessly links and delinks concepts in the stock market dynamics to the amazement of most of his audiences particularly on how to pick winners in the stock exchange by industry and sectors.

In his words, investment decisions require a careful evaluation of many factors. He suggests that globalization is the starting point. The interconnection between countries and regions translate to economic, political and social linkages. A single policy decision in one area can affect the whole region. Igor Cornelsen’s advice to potential investors and other investors in Brazil is that they ought to understand Brazil.

Brazil’s current trade partners include China, the rest of Latin American countries and Asian tigers in that order. To make a good investment decision, you must follow closely global developments especially those that relate to major players in the Brazilian economic landscape.

A Successful investment strategy is one that harmonizes stakeholder effect on relevant markets, judges the expected moves, and places an informed decision. It may sound technical or even complicated but, just like all other experts, Igor does not promise you easy decision making. Igor Cornelsen promises on well-worked positions. He argues that you cannot chance on a poorly orchestrated move; it is foolhardy to expect a smooth sail where so many people often fail.

He advises that once you choose to venture into the stock market, be prepared. Face the issues head on and if need be, always consult with the industry veterans. His business acumen is particularly impressive especially when you contrast it among other industry experts. He is successful as an investor and as an advisor.

If there is an election next door, evaluate the likely outcomes and make informed decisions. This was a response he gave when he was asked about the concept of globalization. He further conjectured, that though this is usually basic investment 101 concept, it is not basic to comprehend and use it.

Lastly, doom for one industry or even country as a whole does not necessarily mean doom in every sector. You can always find a winner in the stock market.

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August 25, 2016

Dick DeVos Proves Himself A Business And Community Success Story

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There does not seem to have been a large amount of good news coming from Michigan in recent years, I have seen the news items discussing the poor economic situation in the area for a number of years; however, the former AmWay Group President Dick DeVos is using his business and philanthropy skills to shine a little light into the economic darkness that has fallen over the state. DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a city he still calls home and focuses a large amount of his business life on through the Windquest Holdings company he is President of. DeVos has invested in many large and small businesses across Michigan and the U.S. with Windquest, including the environmentally friendly “Green Machine” company and a number of craft wine and spirits makers. Business success for Dick DeVos is not surprising for those of us who have been aware of his reputation for a number of years; a reputation that was forged during his time as an executive with the AmWay group where he managed to increase foreign market profits by a huge amount before presiding over a period of sustained success as the company President during the first decade of the 21st century. I have always been impressed with the risks Dick DeVos is willing to take as an investor and business expert, which includes his period at the NBA franchise the Orlando Magic that he remains a member of the Board of Governors for.

Dick DeVos is equally impressive in his philanthropic work as he is with his business work in my own humble opinion, which includes the many boards he sits on that provide help and assistance for people around the U.S. I have been impressed with the work Dick DeVos has completed as a board member of the Grand Action Plan in Grand Rapids, which includes the fact the area has seen major economic improvement over the period the Grand Action Plan has been in place.

Despite all the business and community success Dick DeVos has enjoyed I have been happy to see he has not lost sight of his faith or long term goals in the realm of education. As a board member of the Willow Creek Association DeVos has been instrumental in bringing lost people back to the Christian faith across the U.S.; DeVos also impressed me with his continued work to reform the U.S. education system, including his position on the board of the West Michigan Aviation Academy.

August 24, 2016

SEC Whistleblower Program encourages Employees to speak out

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Following the occurrence of trade-initiated financial crises, the U.S financial regulation passed the Dodd- Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. The act was passed to seal the gaps that affected whistleblower compliance while reporting violations of legal securities trading.

Significant amendments to the bill were later introduced. One of the amendments was a new whistleblower program that ensured employment protection for whistleblowers and fair monetary compensation for whistleblowers who reported trade violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The SEC was required to compensate whistleblowers after a successful enforcement act. Additionally, the law prohibited retaliation by employers to whistleblowers who reported securities violations. Whistleblowers were given a platform where they could anonymously report violations and be represented by an attorney.

Labaton Sucharow Law Firm
Labaton Sucharow law firm provided an immediate whistleblower practice program in response to the amendments in Dodd- Frank reform. The practice exclusively provides services to whistleblowers that need attorney services to present securities violations to SEC.

The company employed experts from the field of financial analysis, insider trading investigation, and forensic accountancy with a strong background in state law enforcement to provide legal services to clients.

The new Whistleblower program
The new whistleblower practice provides employment protection, anonymous reporting and advocating for fair compensation to whistleblowers as outlined in the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

Anonymous reporting
Many whistleblowers had previously faced social stigmatization, which prevented them from reporting violations. Their fear of retaliation hampered the ability of law enforcement authorities to detect and prosecute securities violations. Anonymous reporting helped to eliminate issues of stigmatization for whistleblowers.

Employment protections
The decision of a whistleblower to report their employer can affect their professional attributes such as loyalty. As a result, a whistleblower may face retaliation or even deployment. The act provides a platform for whistleblowers to report employment injustice in regard to reporting securities trade irregularities.

Monetary sanctions and awards
The law required that SEC pays whistleblowers after a successful enforcement action. The compensation depended on the importance of the information provided by the whistleblower, amount recovered, and participation of the whistleblower during the enforcement action.

How to get the SEC Whistleblower Practice services
In cases where a whistleblower needs to report securities violations anonymously, the attorney representation team can be contacted by electronic submission through the website, telephone, or email. Consultations services are confidential and with confidentiality protected by the attorney-client privilege.

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August 17, 2016

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Reputation Online

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If you’re an entrepreneur in this day and age, then you are probably aware of the amount of impact that your online presence can have on your business.

Businesses live and die by their reputation, and the Internet can either help businesses reach new heights or go straight to the ground, only to never rise up again.

Cheryl Conner, a writer for Forbes Magazine, provided some tips on boosting your online reputation.

See what people are saying about you and your business

With a simple search on Google, you can instantly find several reviews on any given business. By doing this, you can see what people are saying about your business, whether it’s good or bad.

People always say that you learn from your mistakes, and according to experts from, every negative review that you may read about is an opportunity for you to improve that aspect of your business. If you are doing something good, see how you can further improve that part of your business.

Get on social media

The last few years, social media has had a tremendous impact on helping people build their brand. For instance, there are several celebrities and businesses that reached success by being active on social media like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by simply posting things on their page.

With so much of Internet traffic going to these websites, you should probably get on the same boat. More people visiting your page means more people are exposed to your website.

You can also use these social media platforms to really connect with your customers without physically meeting them. Simply responding to comments and answering questions can really go a long way and can show to people that you care about your customers’ input.


Obviously, these are not the only ways you can take advantage of the Internet to help improve your brand, but you can start by doing these two things, and who knows? It can help you reach the level of success you’ve been waiting for.

August 10, 2016

Litigation Specialist Streamlines Dodd-Frank Whistleblowing

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Often times, the excessive nature of government intrusion into the personal lives of its citizens is disregarded, creating an atmosphere of asymmetry; however, a 2010 congressional act which is well-known as Dodd-Frank has absolutely altered the playing field of citizen standing. Now, the underdog is afforded unheard protection when speaking against illegal practices such as SEC regulations and complaints derived thereof. This act has given multiple serious layers of protection to whistle-blowers that can no longer stand by and watch as miscreants abuse righteous American law.

However, the naive professional is often left in the dark regarding the practical applications of the relatively new law; given the extremely sensitive matter of discourse associated with whistleblowing, well-meaning potential whistleblowers need to ensure that they do not misstep.

Fortunately, the first firm operating in America to specialize in SEC whistleblowing, Labaton Sucharo, has established precedent in critical cases including litigation against giants Countrywide and AIG. Under current SEC regulations, if an abuse amounts in fees over $1 million, the SEC has to pay the litigant up to 30% of the penalty, an insane amount amount of cash, even when split between an advocate.

This firm is the most-experienced legal firm in the country regarding SEC regulations; consequently providing its clients with a sound explanation of what the law literally entitles, as well as the best protection that an attorney can offer for a whistleblower. With a lawyer, it is possible to bring completely anonymous litigation against a company choosing to circumvent the law.

The firm itself rests soundly under the leadership of Jordan Thomas, a former SEC employee who helped form the whistleblower program. It is impossible to have a better advocate than a man who understands the law from the inside-out.

Supplemental to Thomas’s detailed knowledge of the law, his team is well-versed in the critical concepts of forensic accounting/financial analysis and includes a section of dedicated investigators, ready to bolster the argument of witness litigants against corrupt corporate injustice. Labaton Sucharow aims for utmost accessibility as the firm requires no identifying information during initial inquires and translation for foreign clients is provided.
In a time of rampant injustice and greying lines, it is critical to have a man like Jason Thomas behind your litigation.

August 9, 2016