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Sanjay Shah Support Autism Research Through Fundraisings

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Will and Pete are the newly appointed board trustee members of autism rocks in the year 2016; this was a release through PR Newswire. Autism Rocks is a foundation that raises donations to support the research about autism in the Autism research institutes. The donations are raised through invites only music concerts that the foundation organizations. From its success Autism Rocks, founder Sanjay Shah has appointed two new board trustees who will be participants in decision-making Autism Rocks Foundation. Sanjay Shah has known Will and Pete from linked In since the university days, and he thinks they will bring a huge success to the board together with creating new insights and influence to the board.

Sanjay founded autism rocks back in the year 2014 to make communities understand better about autism and the need for conducting autism research. Sanjay was moved by the condition of his autistic son, and he combined his family love with music love to organize fundraisings for autistic research. From his interaction with Will and Pete, Sanjay sees a mechanic potential of the two o florins of autism rocks around the world. Their duties will be around funds, musical events, managerial duties and making decisions on all objectives of the company both long term and short term.

Before embarking on the autism research fundraisings, Shah was the founder of solo capital limited. He pursued entrepreneurial interests with solo capital partners LLP through the financial brokerage. Solo capital has since then been a financial boutique that practices financial management and professional sports management. It has developed investors all over the United Kingdom and Dubai. When Sanjay Shah initiated solo Capital, he was a sole proprietor with only one graduate employee this was after he decided to pursue entrepreneurship rather than medicine that was his field of study. The company has expanded to great heights by forming partnerships to being named Solo Capital Limited it now has between 50 to 200 employees according to CompanyCheckUK. The success of solo capital is due to the expertise of Shah in stock brokerage and his continued partnerships.

Solo is, however, considering himself as retired from Solo Capital and he is concentrating more on creating awareness on the importance of conducting autism research. However, his retirement from Solo Capital Limited came at a time when Solo Capital was stable and is making great progress in tough financial negotiations. Shah has managed to throw concerts with the most famous DJs in the music world and the likes of Prince and Drake to perform in the fundraising concerts. Through music Shah has been able to increase the rate of awareness of the importance of research for the neurological condition. Autism affects about 65 children a year, and it is a lifetime disability. The earlier it is discovered, the better to improve the life of the affected child. The rate of autism has also been on the rise since the year 2012. More awareness needs to be conducted to promote the success of the autism research.

March 24, 2016

Get To Know A Little About Skout And A Lot About Kindness

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What Is Random Acts Of Kindness Week All About?

If you have never been a part of Random Acts Of Kindness Week, then you should probably read this article and take a look at the article that Uloop just published about Random Acts Of Kindness Week. The article talks a lot about Skout’s recent survey that they conducted to get an idea about how their users felt about random acts of kindness and to understand what percentage of their users have been involved in these types of selfless acts in their lifetimes. Apparently, 51 percent of the users they surveyed are doing selfless deeds every day of their life (on average). This made me feel like the world is a kinder place to live.

There’s also a list in that Uloop article that shows what deeds the Skout survey population sees as the most meaningful. The entire list is pretty inspirational, so if you want to go out of your way to do something kind for a stranger, then you should visit that article for inspiration. It has deeds like holding the door open for a stranger, emptying the spare change that you’re carrying into a charity bin and buying flowers to give to a random stranger. Can you imagine how sweet that must feel to have a stranger give you flowers?

Getting To Know A Little About Skout

There’s a whole network of people on Skout’s platform that are excited to meet new people, so they are ready for you whenever you are ready to sign up and talk to them. Skout is a free application, and it’s pretty easy to get started. You can take advantage of Skout’s feature called Feature Me to get more people talking to you. This feature shows your profile to more people, so you will get more people talking to you when you sign up for it.

I never realized how easy it would be to make friends until I signed up with Skout. Skout is the best way to make close friends online, and I have made a few really close friends in real life because of it. I have also talked to a few romantic interests that I found on Skout, but don’t feel pressure to make a romantic connection on Skout because so many people use it just to make friends.

Here’s the article from Uloop.

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March 11, 2016

George Soros Contributes to Democratic Campaign

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George Soros, the prominent chairman of the Soros Fund Management group, has recently donated a large amount of money (nearly 6 million dollars) to an independent political action committee (or super PAC) in support of the 2016 democratic presidential candidate according to, Hillary Clinton Soros has been known throughout his career to be a strong financial contributor to liberal political campaigns. His most recent contribution differs from any of his previous donations due to the fact that this contribution was among the largest contributions to be donated to a presidential candidate in the entire history of american politics. The combination of George Soros’ contributions with his fellow investors contributions adds up to a sum slightly above 8 million dollars. This entire amount was given in an effort to support Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

The political action committee that was given the largest percentage of the donor funds, known as Priorities USA Action, received a total of 25 million dollars in the last quarter of 2015. These numbers are a reflection of a report that was submitted to the Federal Election Committee by the Priorities USA action at the end of the year. For the entire 2015 fiscal year, the Priorities USA Action raised an estimated 41 million dollars, which ensured success for the political action committee for the following year.
In addition to George Soros, other large contributions to the Priorities USA action committee included donations from Haim Saban and his wife, and Working for Working Americans, a political action committee devoted to furthering the cause and campaign of working class Americans. Both of these donors contributed amounts in excess of one million dollars. George Soros also contributed the the Working for Working Americans super PAC in the early part of 2015.

George Soros’ donation set him apart from other investors not only because of the almost unheard of donation amount, but because of the statement that the investor made by contributing to the political action committee. Soros has been known to support democratic candidates, but the fact that he donated such a lavish amount of money to this particular campaign shines a light on his ultimate support for Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Soros feels that the needs of citizens, businesses, and the country will be improved with the election of people who share the values that he promotes. His history of backing democratic candidates shows his alignment with liberal themes and ideologies that he believes will improve economic conditions in the Unites States. George Soros will continue to support the campaign of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and, if his past record is any indication, will continue to support the campaigns of any leader who believes in certain ideas and practices that will contribute to the further success of America. You can find more information about George Soros’ contributions here.

March 11, 2016

George Soros Takes a Strong Stand on the Energy Sector

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In the world of investing, there are few individuals who have been right as many times as George Soros. His consecutive gains have made him one of the most successful hedge fund managers of all time. This is something that has helped him to really make a name for himself. Soros has been able to command the market with his great deal of wealth that he has amassed. It also helps when he is able to have a legion of investors follow his every investing move. Soros is an individual who can singlehandedly change whole sectors in mere hours. This is why his latest moves from his Soros Management Fund have stirred quite a bit of commotion. Recently, Soros dumped all of his shares from Soros Management Fund into Chevron, NRG Energy, and Chesapeake Energy. This may be a foresight into higher energy and fuel costs in the coming months. There are many financial analysts that believe the low gas prices that we have been enjoying are soon coming to an end.
Soros learned about overcoming adversity from a very young age. In his youth, Soros had to flee Nazi-occupied Europe to London. It was here that he attended the London School of Economics. This is where Soros gained the basis of his knowledge that has made him the successful investor that he is today. Once he had learned this knowledge, he took his new found skills to America. It was here where he created an international investment fund that made him wildly successful. With this new found success, Soros now had more clients and bigger amounts of capital to invest with than ever before. When Soros really put his name on the map is when he bet against the devaluation of the British Pound. Within one year he was able to see gains of over 1 billion dollars. This is when everyone knew Soros was a force to be reckoned with.

Soros has also had a very successful time in the world of philanthropy. He has helped thousands of individuals in over 100 different countries with his organization. His organization now has donations of over 800 million dollars annually. This has created a legacy that many could only dream of. The future looks very bright for Soros as he continues to excel in both the world of investments and philanthropy. It will be exciting to see how the energy investments pan out for Soros.

March 4, 2016