Susan McGalla Rebuilds the Pittsburgh Steelers Brand Through Clothing Campaign

Susan McGalla is the female executive that has become a business leader that has pushed opened the doors that have been closed for women in corporate America. She has managed to keep her front runner shoes on as she serves as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a bold role that few women have been able to obtain, but Susan McGalla has always been one that set the new standard for the females in corporate America. With her new director role she has been very productive. It has been rather easy for her transition into the world of NFL clothing because she has already built a legacy as a leader that knows how to sell clothing. There is nothing new in the clothing business that will surprise her. She knows all the angles, and she has the ability to build brands. That is what made Susan McGalla of HFF the best candidate for the job. She has done a lot with this new campaign, and she continues to lead fans to this new clothing. Football fans love to have something new and exciting to represent their teams. McGalla knew this, and she has created clothing that lures fans to the team website. She had always been good at marketing – the area where she obtained her degree – so this is the perfect job for her. Susan is a person that has transcended beyond the restraints that have been placed on women. She has managed to thrive in a male-dominated industry, and she continues to give 100 percent in every position that she has ever held. This makes it incredibly easy for her to push the envelope and come up with creative solutions to problems. So many people underestimate her skills, but she is a branding expert that has become well-known for her strategies. McGalla has always gone above and beyond the standard. Her ability to push a new clothing campaign shows that she is taking her job seriously. She is ready to bring the fans back to the team she works for. She is rebuilding the brand.

February 5, 2016