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Nobilis Health is famous for offering their customers some of the best healthcare coverage around. It’s more of a comprehensive full-service plan, more than anything else. What you might not be aware of is their pension for offering advice on healthcare.

Nobilis has been in busy for a long time. Their staff has seen it all, even what happens to people who pay the penalties for not having health insurance. It happens. Some people can not afford healthcare insurance. When this happens these people have to pay a small tax because of it.

Which is why we are here today.

The reps from Nobilis Healthcare are here to help you avoid these penalties and more.


There is something known as the 14th category. This is when “hardships” are used as notification for certain situations. These hardships can be considered your “get out of it for free” card. However, there are certain stipulations, or you will have to pay the penalty tax. Hardships can include being homeless and facing domestic violence/abuse.

Still others require certain documentation of your hard times. If you face eviction, you have to show the papers. If you are facing foreclosure you also have to show the papers. Bankruptcy requires the same thing.

There are other exemptions too. Some of these exemptions include having higher costs to pay for certain healthcare costs. This has to do with taking care of a family member. If you are not taking care of a family member, there is no way you can qualify for this exemption.

Your child could have been denied healthcare coverage. This means you would have to pick up the costs for this too. This does happen. Nobilis Healthcare has seen this happen all too often.

There is the chance you might have been eliminated for your previous plan. When you went apply for others plans you got denied. This happens to many people. This can be used as an exemption to get out of paying the tax penalty. Now for this one you might have to show your documentation to prove it. Some ask for it, some do not. It all depends.

What happens if your state denied expansion of the medicaid program? This could and does happen. If this has happened to you, you might be a favorable candidate for this exemption. The best thing you can do is call up a representative at Nobilis Healthcare. Ask to speak to someone who knows about this subject. He or she can lead you down the right path, helping to determine if you are a viable candidate or not.


February 24, 2016

Premium Dog Foods Soar

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I have never seen so many healthy dog food choices on the market. High quality dog food is the new thing, and I am glad for all of the innovation that is on the market. Many people have seen how the dog food industry is changing through better meat selections and a variety of vegetable blends.

The premium dog food market is soaring because there is a lot of competition. People are seeing brands like Simply Nourish and FreshPet emerge with new foods. There is more than $23 billion being spent on dog food so it is a very competitive business. There are some chains that are creating the refrigerated meals. Others are allowing their customers to pick and customize for themselves.

Beneful markets wholesome ingredients and I have seen this brand take off because is has some interesting concepts. The chopped vegetable blends are new and innovative so it manages to keep customers like myself interested in what this company is doing.

Dog food has changed in so many ways and Beneful is a company that keeps the cutting edge sharp in the dog food industry. The dry food is good, and the wet prepared meals are excellent. I think that my dogs like the beef stew better than any of the other Beneful brands. For the snacks they like the peanut butter. These are two staples that I can always depend on so I buy these all the time.

Premium food like Beneful is soaring and billions of dollars are spent every year because of all the innovation that is spent on this food. Technology plays a big part in making this dog food better. I certainly can see how this can play a factor because there are more options. Customization in dog food by the consumer was never a possibility before, but it is now, and technology is responsible for this.

I think that there is a great hype about premium food that is changing the market for the better. Many consumers are impressed with the variety. They are able to give their pets more healthy food options.




February 15, 2016

Susan McGalla Rebuilds the Pittsburgh Steelers Brand Through Clothing Campaign

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Susan McGalla is the female executive that has become a business leader that has pushed opened the doors that have been closed for women in corporate America. She has managed to keep her front runner shoes on as she serves as the Director of Strategic Planning for the Pittsburgh Steelers. This is a bold role that few women have been able to obtain, but Susan McGalla has always been one that set the new standard for the females in corporate America. With her new director role she has been very productive. It has been rather easy for her transition into the world of NFL clothing because she has already built a legacy as a leader that knows how to sell clothing. There is nothing new in the clothing business that will surprise her. She knows all the angles, and she has the ability to build brands. That is what made Susan McGalla of HFF the best candidate for the job. She has done a lot with this new campaign, and she continues to lead fans to this new clothing. Football fans love to have something new and exciting to represent their teams. McGalla knew this, and she has created clothing that lures fans to the team website. She had always been good at marketing – the area where she obtained her degree – so this is the perfect job for her. Susan is a person that has transcended beyond the restraints that have been placed on women. She has managed to thrive in a male-dominated industry, and she continues to give 100 percent in every position that she has ever held. This makes it incredibly easy for her to push the envelope and come up with creative solutions to problems. So many people underestimate her skills, but she is a branding expert that has become well-known for her strategies. McGalla has always gone above and beyond the standard. Her ability to push a new clothing campaign shows that she is taking her job seriously. She is ready to bring the fans back to the team she works for. She is rebuilding the brand.

February 5, 2016

A Brief Look at Coriant

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Coriant is one of the more well known companies in the tech industry. But it’s worth a closer examination to find out why the company is able to perform so expertly within a number of different fields. One of the most significant reasons for this is simply due to the fact that they’re maintaining a firm balance between diversity of technologies and a central focus. Too much specialization can lead to inability to really innovate. But at the same time, a company needs to be able to focus on expertly developing technologies within a specific field. Coriant is notable for the fact that it specializes in data, mobile networks, and voice. These technologies share a basic infrastructure, but are still diverse enough to keep the company agile in the face of new developments.

However, ultimately the success of a company will be due to how it’s run. And Coriant’s new CEO is guiding it expertly. One of the biggest reasons why Shaygan Kheradpir is so well suited to the position has to do with his background. Kheradpir has been working within the tech industry for over 28 years. And during that time he’s come to understand the culture in a way that many CEOs in the tech industry never do. People often assume that companies working with technological and telecommunications development can be run in the same manner as any other company. In reality the tech sector operates under a unique development cycle. Even the nature of reports and meetings will usually be different within tech companies.

The fact that Kheradpir has such extensive experience within the technology sector means that he’s able to easily relate to his employees. There’s no need to slow things down by essentially needing things explained. When developers and engineers become aware of an issue Kheradpir will always be in the loop. And this is something that makes a huge impact on a company. The technology sector moves at a very rapid pace. And anything which allows a company to act in a more speedy and agile manner will offer tremendous advantages. And Kheradpir is just such a factor for Coriant.

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February 2, 2016