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Enjoy Life At The Manse On Marsh

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As people begin to confront the end of their lives, they may need to think about all kinds of issues including their specific living situation. In many cases, people may be confronting problems such as issues with mobility that make it hard for them to be able to do things they need to do in life. In such cases, it may be necessary to find an assisted living facility that helps someone get the kind of assistance they need each day to be sure they remain in good shape. They may need to have help doing things such as preparing meals, keeping their living spaces in good condition and doing all kinds daily living activities.

Moving to an assisted living facility can be the ideal way for someone to be able to enjoy the last years of their lives in comfort and style. An assisted living facility such as The Manse on Marsh can help anyone have fun and still get the kind of help they need at the same time. The Manse, like many other facilities, has all kinds of amenities that allows many people to live there in great happiness and remain as healthy as possible. Staffers here have done much to create an atmosphere that helps members feel cared for and part of a community of members. They aim to help each resident find the best way to make the most of their golden years while enjoying access to meals, medical care and a private space they can call their own.

In this highly regarded California place, residents will find that they can pick and choose from varied living arrangements that are best for them. One person may want to live on the site in cozy room that offers views across the local hills. Another resident may prefer to live in one of the ground’s cottages with access to well stocked kitchen at all times.

Each resident can relax in the facility’s open atrium where lots of light spills inside even on cloudy days. Residents also enjoy all kinds of other amenities including access to a well-stocked library full of books that includes many spaces where any resident can sit down and spend the afternoon reading a book. says the library makes an ideal gathering space that lets people living here also enjoy the chance to discuss books with other residents and share their feelings about such books. Many residents find it great to be part of a space that is all about being part of an active community that is dedicated to helping people stay mentally and physically sharp for as long as possible. Many residents are pleased at the chance to live in this welcoming space.  Our Parents has more information about what the facility has to offer.

January 26, 2016

Lawyers In New York Work In Many Specialties At Once

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Lawyers in New York City are known for covering many specialties at the same time. An attorney like Ross Abelow is capable of working in divorce law, commercial law and entertainment law. These three areas are often connected to one another because of the celebrities that live in the city, and Ross is more than capable of handling all these areas for interested clients. This article explores the connection between divorce law, entertainment law and corporate law.

#1: Corporations Pay For Entertainment

Large corporations that need counsel will turn to an attorney like Ross who is capable of helping them make wise decisions. These corporations are paying for entertainment products, and Ross is familiar with both arenas. Ross may represent someone in the entertainment world who is in need of funding, or he may represent the corporation that is writing the checks. His relationships help him serve both sides of the aisle equally-well.

#2: Divorce Law Is An Inevitable Need

Divorce law is necessary in many parts of the city where clients are breaking up marriages. Ross has relationships with people who may need divorce representation in the future, and he is capable of helping one or both clients mediate their divorce. There are assets and children to consider during a divorce, and Ross will help both parties come to an amicable solution. Ross is a skilled mediator who does not allow his cases to get out of control.

#3: Entertainment Law Includes Contracts

Ross is happy to review a contract for anyone who is working in the entertainment world. Contracts are complex documents with language that only a lawyer can understand, and Ross is more than happy to help someone understand their contract. Ross will help people adjust their contracts to get what they want, and he will enter negotiations with another party to complete each contract. Contract work is a basic part of being a lawyer, but Ross has a massive amount of experience in this area.

Ross Abelow is a skilled attorney in New York who has straddled the line between corporate law, entertainment law and divorce law. He is able to serve many people at the same time with his services, and his law offices are open to anyone in need. He is equally-at-home in a situation where he is reviewing a contract, mediating a divorce or serving as counsel for a large corporation paying for a major movie.

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January 20, 2016

Current Market a Repeat of 2008 Crisis According to Famed Investor George Soros

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We are only a few days in to 2016 and it already looks like it will be a rocky year. Famed billionaire investor George Soros is proclaiming that he sees echos of the 2008 crisis in the current market. At an investment event in Sri Lanka recently, Soros mentioned that the extreme debt levels in China, Europe and the US, along with collapsing commodity prices, spelled potential doom for global economy.

According to Soros and most other investors, the 2008 crisis occurred due to sub-prime debt, over investment in the housing market and too much investment in exotic securitized financial products. Today, the greatest risk is also in bad debt. However, this time the debt is much larger and issue by governments so the risk is much greater.

That is especially true in China. AFter the 2008 crisis, exports to Europe and the US went down dramatically. To boost the economy, the government unleashed a massive amount of lending and fiscal stimulus in to the economy. In fact, the banking system grew to three times the size of the economy whereas the US banking system is one times the economy. At the same time, the growth rate in China is beginning to slow naturally as the population growth slows and incremental technology improvements slow. As a result, it is becoming tougher and tougher to pay off the huge debts that government issued in 2008. Now, new debt growth is slowing and the economy is at a stand still. The stock market already crashed in 2015 and is now crashing again. Unless the government gets a handle on its debt loan, it could spark a contagion around the world.

As debt growth slows around the world and economies put on the breaks, the price of commodities is also collapsing. Many countries that depend on commodities (especially oil and gas) are now have trouble financing their daily operations. Even worse, some of the debt they have issued is in danger.

The countries with the greatest risk of debt default include Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Argentina. However, other much larger countries are showing signs of strains. Brazil contracted 3.5% in 2015 due to the decrease in commodity prices. Also, the fallout from a bribery scandal and massive wasted investment in a major potential oil field by government energy giant Petrobras is giving investors concern about the country’s ability to pay back loans. At a minimum, interest rates are rapidly increasing, causing huge strains in the economy.

Other major oil exporters such as Russia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Norway and Angola have seen massive setbacks in their revenue and are struggling to meet basic needs. These companies may need to issue additional debt to get back on track.

Together, the world is showing increasing strains that Soros warns could lead to another major crisis like 2008. Hopefully, governments can avoid the fallout.

January 18, 2016