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Brenda Wardle Covers the High Profile Oscar Pistorius Trail

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In September of 2014, Olympian runner Oscar Pistorius was found guilty of culpable homicide and reckless endangerment with a firearm by Judge Thokozile Masipa. Oscar, who ran in the 2012 Summer Olympics, had both of his legs amputated below the knees when he was 11 months old but has been able to compete at a world class level with the use of J-shaped carbon fiber prosthetics. He was accused of murdering his model girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on the night of February 14, 2013 when he mistook her for an intruder. He was formally charged with murder on February 15 and eventually sentenced to a maximum of five years in prison for culpable homicide and a concurrent three year sentence for reckless endangerment with a firearm.

Shortly after Oscar’s arrest, Judge President Dunstan Mlambo ruled the entire trial could be broadcast through a live audio feed, and opening and closing arguments could be broadcast live on television. Brenda Wardle was one of the legal scholars and analysts who covered the trial. Brenda is a world-renowned legal analyst who is a native South African and is the Chief Operations Officer of Wardle College of Law. She has several law degrees including a Master of Laws degree and is working on a Doctor of Laws degree. Brenda has had numerous articles published in legal journals, and she has made many radio and TV appearances where she is highly sought after for her legal expertise.

During Oscar Pistorius’s trial, Brenda’s TV appearances included Fox News in the US and Channel 5 UK where she was asked about the particular aspects of South African law as it pertained to the trail. Brenda’s insights on the prosecution’s appeal of Judge Masipa’s controversial verdict and sentencing were particularly insightful for people who did not know about or understand the uniqueness of South Africa’s judicial system. Oscar was subsequently released from prison after serving ten months of his five year sentence, but prosecutors successfully appealed the culpable homicide conviction and had the verdict upgraded to murder on December 3, 2015. Oscar is currently appealing the murder conviction and is expected to be back in court in April of 2016 for sentencing on the murder conviction.

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December 31, 2015

Providing Your Dog With Top Notch Food

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If you have a dog that you love so much, you probably want to make sure that you give him or her with the best possible nutrients and nutrition to guide them and keep them strong. The best way to guarantee your dog grows up effectively is to ensure you give my hem all the right foods for them to rely on as they get older. In the dog food industry, you will find that rope out and luxury food is slowly becoming the biggest trend among rich dog owners wanting to give their dogs the best nutritious food possible. The key is to give them all the right tools to grow their health effectively. One of the biggest brands in the industry is the FreshPet brand. They provide top of the line gourmet dog food. Their food is so amazingly crafted that their managers will gladly eat a piece for the sake of proving that their food tastes great. Your dog deserves to be given only the best food to help them grow up effectively. The key is to choose their food wisely. FreshPet is a highly respectable brand, but the problem is that they are a bit more expensive than most people can handle. The best thing to do is to seek out alternatives on the market. One of the best brands on twitter I recommend you consider buying from is Beneful. They strive to come up with as many unique products as possible while still going for. More affordable option for their users. The company has wonderful options available in their lineup ranging from typical wet and dry foods to completely new treats. Their gourmet options are also beneficial for helping dogs whiten their teeth, improve their gums, fix their bad breath, maintain a healthy weight, and gain more energy on a daily basis. Beneful just loves to come up with interesting products that will benefit your dog for the long run. Beneful is one of your favorite brands because of all the unique ideas they come up with in their products. Beneful is definitely a great brand you need to consider.

December 29, 2015


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Solo capital is a Hedge fund based in London UK. It offers a broad range of financial services including prop trading, brokerage services, investment tracking, credit and securities’ trading and advice on M & A. It was incorporated in 2011 and was founded by Mr Sanjay Shah. It employs 28 people and currently has three directors.


Solo capital has a turnover of £20. 3M and an asset base worth £67.5m. It is based on its returns this year. Its founder Sanjay Shah heads it. He is an experienced hedge fund manager who has worked with big names like Merrill Lynch, Stanley, Credit Suisse, and Rabobank before going private in 2009.He has grown the stock brokerage firm from inception to today when it is doing very well. The 45-year-old entrepreneur is also a well-known Philanthropist. He has raised millions of pounds for autism victims in the UK. He currently resides in Dubai where the firm has another office.


Solo capital in a hedge fund that has leveraged technology to achieve stunning results. All its 28 employees are well trained and experienced expert hedges with a combined industry experience of 260 years. It uses a proprietary trading method and industry leading trading practises to offer exceptional returns to its customers. It has also been noted for its advanced use of technology. It uses fast trading techniques using its superfast computers and computer trading models.


Solo capital also posts advice on how to earn good money in the stock market. It advises one to diversify their portfolio in the stock exchange and trade in stocks with zero correlation. It means if you buy in energy, then consider commodities affected by energy deals as one and the same product. They are in the same category. Solo capital also advises one to invest in products they have done enough research.


Investment banks are banks that don’t accept savings and deposits but invest money given to them. Hedge funds are a type of investment banks that seek to offer returns in all market conditions by using complicated trading techniques to make profits. It requires well-trained workers willing to put the extra work. Solo Capital is a hedge fund that leverages technology, experience and hard work to stay ahead.


Investment banks have revolutionized the stock market. They are today’s brokers, market makers and prop traders. This article is a recap of the following sites.

December 19, 2015

Things You Can Learn About Dating Apps

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Dating the right person is the dream of every person who moves around searching for love. This is something that has been offering challenges to many young people as it is not easy to know much about a person before getting the right information. Online dating is a new way to connect with the right individuals and allows one to make the right choice from a pool of potential partners. There are many websites that allow for dating online that you can choose. However, you need to be careful about the platform you join while searching for love. There are all kinds of individuals online and this could mean meeting with a fraudster is not difficult. Take some time to analyze different systems before using the platform to search for love. Also ask for details from friends and people you can trusts so as to learn about things that can work well with you. Here is information that allows you to learn about leading and reliable platforms that you can join for dating.

Skout is a leading platform that allows you to meet up with different individuals who are also searching for love. The system has been online for more than five years, with continuous development and improvements to help make it better for the users. Skout is also one of the few platforms that have been ranked highly for offering a perfect environment for those searching for love. It is indeed a reliable platform that has been able to cater for the needs of many people. Using the Skout platform is also easy as the interface is friendly and good looking. To access the platform, you simply need to download the application then sign up for an account. You can then proceed to search for the right person as you would like. There are many options available on Skout for customizing preferences so as to filter members to get the right person.

Searching through is not as tedious as it would be trying to approach someone offline. It takes some minutes of searching so as to get the right results and you can narrow down on details like the location as well as age of the person you are looking for. This will make the search easier and the right individuals will be displayed. Skout also allows for sharing of images as well as messaging, which also comes with options like the sharing of virtual gifts. This has made the platform popular and accommodating among many individuals, who have found solutions to their problems.

Security is also something that everyone online would not like to meddle with. This is addressed in many platforms as cases of hacking have become many with the development of complicated technology. Skout has not been left behind when it comes to offering top quality security solutions for users. They have implemented a system that seals all loopholes that can lead to threats among users. This has been effected through encryption and a series of systems that allow the user to comfortably access information.

December 18, 2015

Why You Need To Invest In Brazilian Stocks

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Investors are looking for investments outside their countries. They want to expand their portfolios by investing in foreign countries and firms. Brazil has a booming stock market thus offering the best stocks to investors. The financial market is stable and the economy is growing at a steady rate. These factors have put Brazil on the forefront of emerging markets. It is important to know a few things before investing in Brazil.

First of all you need to weigh your investing options. There are two options for investors to consider. The first option is offshore investments, which come in the form of global depository receipts, American depository receipts, mutual funds or exchange traded funds. The other option is to invest in the listed stocks on the Brazilian stock exchange. It is prudent to invest in the option that maximizes your returns.

The Economy of Brazil is ranked as the 10th largest economy globally according to Tumblr. The country continues to enjoy a remarkable growth of its economy because it is among the few countries that are self sufficient in oil. The country has other alternative sources of energy, which have been central in enhancing the foreign exchange receipts of the company. Brazil has plenty of natural resources and manufacturing companies.

The Megabolsa handles Buying and Selling of equities. The transactions are processed electronically. This electronic trading mechanism enables investors to use the internet trading facilities to pick stocks as provided by stockbrokers. This exchange offers direct market access by placing direct orders into the Megabolsa system. The stock options are organized according to time and price. The Brazilian stock exchange is called BM&F Bovesa. It was formed in 2008 out of a partnership between the Sao Paulo Stock Exchange and the Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange. The merger offers a number of products such as commodities, corporate and government bonds, exchange trading funds as well as stocks and commodities.

It is important to know that before trading begins there is a fifteen minute pre-opening segment where orders are put in the trading system and opening prices are established. In the last five minutes, there is the closing call where transparent closing prices are established. The trading session in Brazil starts at 10 am and ends at 5 pm. There is an after hour trading platform that operates from 5.30 pm to 7 pm.

Igor Cornelsen is a former Brazilian banker who turned to investments. He serves as a proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Inc, which is located in Bahamas. Igor encourages clients to diversify their investments. He asserts that diversification ensures that they will not suffer major losses in case of market risks.

Cornelsen urges investors to have a thorough knowledge about the Brazilian market before they make any investments. Over the years, Igor has provided innovative guidance to clients. He has also helped people stay away from bad investments. Currently, Igor holds high-ranking positions in different leading Brazilian banks.

December 8, 2015