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Yeonmi Park’s New Book about her Struggles to Freedom

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Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist as well as a North Korean defector. She was raised in a family that was well educated and politically connected, but after her father involved himself in the black market, then all her misery started. After giving a speech in Dublin Ireland during One Young World summit of 2014, Park started rising to global prominence. Park continues to be very outspoken in refugee and human rights. Yeonmi Park has many times given the upsetting story about her escape from the dictatorial regime of North Korea as a child. However, she has never before opened up about the most intimate and overwhelming details about the repressive society that she grew up in and the hefty price that she had to pay in order to escape. In her upcoming book; In Order to Live, Park tells of how she grew up in a close-knit family that was full of love, but North Korea’s life was unbearable and practically medieval. Park would often go hungry for days and was instilled with the mentality that the country’s dictator, Kim Jong II was able to read her mind. Her father took the risk of trading in the black market in order to feed the family but he was unfortunately caught, imprisoned and tortured. Yeonmi and her mother were later smuggled into China. Yeonmi tells on Youtube of how she never dreamt of freedom as she escaped into China. All she knew was that in the case her family were left in North Korea, they would probably die of hunger, diseases and the inhuman conditions in prison labor camps. The journey to China was more than just for survival purpose, they were also in search of Yeonmi elder sister who had escaped earlier. In this book, In Order to Live, Park tells of her life’s darkest corners while living in North Korea and China. She boldly shares her life’s deepest sorrows of how she and her mother were deceived and sold as sex slaves while in China. They had to endure terrible physical and psychological hardship before they made it to Seoul, South Korea – where they earned their freedom.

November 21, 2015

Great Things Are Happening Because Of Visual Search

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Visual search is something that is getting everyone excited, and one of the most recent companies to try it out is Pinterest. This social media service has wanted to use visual search and image recognition for some time, and it is has just recently gotten things put together. All of those who use the app or website should find themselves having an easier time of things than ever before as they use visual search to help them get things done. Visual search is such a modern form of technology, and it is something that has many people excited because of that.

Slyce is a leader when it comes to visual search, and it is a company that has been doing many great things since it first began. It’s a company that has worked hard to make a good impression on the world, and it has been able to do just that through the things that it has recently done. It has come out with an app that allows users to purchase products easily through visual search, and it has helped them to save money through doing that. All of those who use Slyce for all that it offers are pleased with it, and they are excited for what it will do next.

Slyce is an innovative company, and it is not about to stop doing new and great things now. It has accomplished much since starting out, and it is only beginning to do all of the things that it wants to do. All of the people behind Slyce must be very smart and ambitious for it to have accomplished so much in such a short time, and that is always a great thing to see in a company. It’s good to know that the company cares so much and wants to do good things.

November 19, 2015

Slyce Expanding Its Offered Services with SnipSnap

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Slyce has become one of the most important companies when it comes to Visual search services online. The company has produced a service that allows users to snap a picture with their cell phone or download an image off of the Internet and then upload it to the search service. From there, a search is performed and the service can point out exactly what the product is, how much it costs and where an individual is able to pick it up (or buy it online). While this is a growing service with more and more retailers signing up, Slyce wants to make sure it can offer its customers even more than ever before. That is why it recently purchased SnipSnap in order to grow its services.

So what exactly is SnipSnap? It is a couple and personal shopper assistant, designed to provide users with the very best coupons in order to help cut down on the price of shopping online and through other retail outlets. Slyce purchased the service provider for $6.5 million in the recent buyout. From here, the company is able to integrate the two services together. This way, when a customer performs an image recognition search online, they are going to not only come up with the product and where it is available, but the service is also going to provide coupons and discounts for where to purchase it. This way, a consumer is able to save money whenever possible. So, the next time a consumer decides to make an online search for a particular product, they are able to do exactly that. This way, shoppers receive the very best of both worlds: finding what they want and saving money on what they want.

The next time a consumer is going to find the right product they have been searching for, it doesn’t need to prove all that difficult. In fact, with the help of Slyce and its new service SnipSnap, they are able to save a considerable amount of money and cut down on the amount of time it takes to find what they are looking for.

November 13, 2015

How Stephen Murray Has Grown the CCMP Capital Equity Firm

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CCMP Capital is based in New York and has been a private equity firm for those who have made investments. Whether you are an individual, business owner or a corporate leader, CCMP Capital is able to help tremendously. Their expertise in the field of equity has allowed them to work with millions of people who need assistance with their investment decisions. Owning a share of a company in the form of stock can be difficult and things can turn bad very quickly if you are not too careful. This is where hiring a company like Stephen Murray CCMP Capital according to wikipedia can be the best thing you ever do.

The CCMP Capital company has been in business since 2006 and continues to grow as one of America’s top equity firms. One of the first things that sets CCMP Capital apart from other firms of its kind is that they work with a wide range of clients. Not only are they able to help individuals who have made small investments, but they are also able to assist large corporations that have millions invested in stocks and bonds. Because of their expertise in this field, they have successfully helped clients to make the money that they need without the pitfalls that come when you are investing into other company stocks.

Stephen Murray is the former president and Chief Executive of the CCMP Capital firm. He has been a large part of what the firm is like to this day and continues to be an enormous contributor for the firm. Stephen Murray has an extensive background in equity investing and management. Because of his expertise and knowledge of the field, he has been able to assist millions with this particular task. Stephen Murray has been the one to grow the CCMP Capital firm to what it is today, and that is one of the top equity firms in the world.

Because of the fact that the CCMP Capital firm is one of the top in the industry, it is also one of the most popular for people to use when making investments. Healthcare industries and large corporations have all made use the CCMP Capital firm when dealing with investments and stocks. Having help from experienced professionals who are working with the CCMP Capital firm has enabled people to meet their true potential when it comes to their investments. While investing can be incredibly tricky and risky, it always helps to be working with a company like CCMP Capital to ensure that everything goes the way that you would like. You will find that receiving this type of help puts your mind at ease knowing that any investments you are making will be successful in the long run.

November 6, 2015

Beneful and My Dog’s Mental Health

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The most significant way for an owner to benefit their dog’s health is with exercise and nutrition. The use of exercise will deliver the obvious benefits that occur from exercise, but it will also positively affect the dog’s mental health. Dogs are still at least partly subject to their instincts like their wolf ancestors. Wolves are often shown chasing their prey in the pack until they overcome and subdue their prey. At this point, the animals gorge. However, this is only a part of their diet. The rest of the food that a wolf receives will because they catch small prey and exploit smaller opportunities to obtain themselves a personal meal in between these pack hunts. This requires a wolf to be constantly in the act of outsmarting and catching these meals.

Modern dogs have this same urge, but domestication has relegated it to a ritual because their human owners provide the meal. However, it is a necessary ritual that will alleviate stress and boredom in the pet. Much of the mischief that comes from dogs especially when their owners are away or unaware occurs because this natural urge to explore is not being engaged. There are a lot of remedies being invented as trainers, breeders and owners realize that this is an issue, but frequent walks could greatly alleviate this problem also. There will be a marked change in the dog’s behavior both when the owner is home and away. Owners will find a calmer animal and much of the mischief will be alleviated.

However, some of this mischief is related to nutrition. Even when dogs are fed enough, if the nutrition is not sustentative, dogs will often want to eat more. Sometimes they will hunt on their own, but often they will get into dog and human food to satiate their need for more nutrients. These issues can be alleviated by combining the exercise with a nutritionally complete dog food. Active dogs will also need a brand of dog food that has an ample amount of animal protein, but there are not many dog foods proven to be of this quality. I personally have only found a few. The one I use most often is Beneful.

Beneful is a complete brand with a wide variety of options. When I am walking my dog, I help my dog think he is hunting for real by providing a bit of Beneful on samsclub dry food when he has chased the ball hard for a while or followed a trail for a distance. This satiates that hunting instinct. He would formerly get into the pantry to eat more food, but after the walks and the addition of Beneful, these issue have ceased completely. He also has more vigor and is eager for the walk. I also feel better because I know that he is mentally better. The lack of exercise and poor nutrition was taking a toll on his entire wellness. Thanks to Beneful in have a dog with the fuel to handle his regimen.

November 2, 2015