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How to Get Better at Writing Wikipedia Articles

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Writing and editing articles on Wikipedia is not as easy as following the rules of grammar. Wikipedia has its own set of rules and guidelines that are different from existing rules of grammar and syntax: formatting rules, content suggestions, and a different style of writing. The complete list of rules for Wikipedia services can be found on, but here are some great tips for beginners who are just starting writing articles.

Wikipedia should be informative — it is an encyclopedia — but content should not be overly large. Anything more than fifty kilobytes of writing should be revised and condensed so only the most important parts are covered. With that being said, lots of text can fit in fifty kilobytes, so you don’t have to limit your writing too much.

Use references and citations disclosed in the footnotes, and make sure those sources are linked to the sentences or paragraphs that cover that subject. Readers are looking for informative articles and entries when they visit Wikipedia, not articles that are read for leisure or enjoyment.

Composing, editing, translating, and monitoring a Wikipedia page that you have contributed to can be difficult and time consuming. Get Your Wiki is a website that composes Wikipedia articles, and can offer a quote within 24 hours. They can be found on their website,, where more information can be found.

Get Your Wiki is known as one of the most popular service providers of its type. The company monitors your article, and is alerted when the article is edited. Some people want to change the content and structure of an article for whatever reason, although most people do not have these bad intentions.

Do not include any fluttery or any phrases or words that are not necessary in getting the information across. The presentation of the words do not matter, really: the literature does not have to be interesting or seem like a New York Times writer wrote it. Some of the phrases that should not be used include describes the, refers to, and is a term. If the sentence is formatted correctly, there should be no need for you to add phrases such as these to the body of the article.

Writing a Wikipedia is not that difficult, unless one is not familiar with the rules. The list of rules is not extensive, and can be found on Wikipedia’s official website.

September 30, 2015

Skout Has Many Opportunities For Me To Find A Date

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I still remember the last date that I went on, and the date was a total disaster. I always vowed that I wouldn’t date again because the dating scene was boring, people were crazy, and I feared for my safety. I never thought that I’d find myself dating online, but it seems to be very popular these days. I know lots of people that have found dates online, and I even know a few people that have found love and marriage online. I decided that I would try something new, and I figured that dating online would be the start.

I went from one dating site to another before I finally found one that I really liked. The first dating site I went to was a popular one, but it didn’t appeal to me. The problem with the first dating site is that they wanted to charge money for everything, even if I just wanted to contact someone else. I don’t understand what’s the point of a dating site, if I have to pay to contact someone else, then how would I find a date? The second dating site I chose was great, but I realized eventually, that all the women were in another country.

I guess I figured that the women were speaking in a secretive language that I couldn’t understand, but I didn’t realize that it was a Russian dating site. I felt really stupid when I kept going after a certain girl, but she seemed to be ignoring me, but I realized it’s just that she couldn’t understand me. I’m not one for following fads, so I was reluctant to go onto a popular dating site, but I knew I had to try something different before I gave up on dating again. I chose to go to the Skout network, and it’s the best decision that I’ve made in a while.

The Skout network is a great online dating site, and I can even use my cell phone to access the application. I didn’t wait too long to download the Skout application, especially since I spent most of the day on my phone. I take my cell phone with me everywhere I go, so I have no problem using the Skout application. Once I turn my cell phone on, the first place I go to is Skout. I can use Skout’s location services to find a person that lives in my area, and the person is ready and willing to date.

Dating on Skout has been a lot more fun than dating on several other networks, and I realized how much I liked the network when I found myself on Skout for five hours one day. Night had come and gone, and it was 2 AM before I realized that I hadn’t looked up from my phone in hours. I have found a few dates on the Skout network, but I haven’t found anyone serious yet. The Skout network definitely has a lot of opportunities for me, and I’m looking forward to finding a great partner.

September 29, 2015


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Handy, home cleaning services is an online two-market place for mobile cleaning and home repair booking services. It tries to commoditize home cleaning services catering to the on-demand market and offering employment to people of different professions. In June 2012, Oisin Hanrahan, Umag Dua, Weina ensure and Ignacio Leonhardt, found the company as Handybook. There is ingenuity in the name as it is a place to book handyman and cleaning services.

In 2014, Handybook launched its app- handy- offering consumers a chance to book services at the comfort of their homes. The app is quite clever as bookings are made, and the consumer is notified of the arrival of the cleaning professional, 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. The app also has a special feature, real-time tracker, that allows the cleaning professional to know your designated location without the hustle of having to give verbal directions. The tracker is on from the 15 min prior to the job until it is finally completed. These ensures the cleaning profession is only at your home for the allocated amount of time.

Handybook plays a pivotal role in both the supply and demand ends of the home service industry. With millions of bookings of services from the demand end, Handybook has offered employment to thousands both permanent and freelancers. A screening procedure is mandatory for all freelancers that include background checks, reference, and in-person interviews. The relationship between the company and its freelancers is fairly symbiotic. Freelancers are offered the option of choosing jobs they are skilled in and also working hours they find suited to their schedules. They are also paid fairly to ensure a lasting beneficial employer-employee relationship.

As more people grow accustomed to the idea of booking cleaning services online, Handybook continues to make remarkable profits by the year. The handy app creates a remote control for your home maintenance purposes, easing the lives of many people. In commoditizing home cleaning services, Handybook has been able to make a killing at the ready and eager market. The company has seen tremendous growth with bookings of over $ one million per week, two years just after its launch. With its impressive growth and dominance of the market, Handybook attracts the interests of investors that break down the limits to its continued growth.

The bulk of the company’s revenue is found in cleaning services. However, the founders are finding means to expand their services beyond just cleaning. With the already provision of handyman and plumbing services, the possibilities are quite endless. These are to meet the growing demand and offering employment to various professions in the society.

Hospitable service is a key feature of making sales in any business. Handybook goes a step further by guaranteeing nothing but a complete satisfaction of the customer. Along with fair pricing, the company ensures the contracted job is done within the designated time and goes ahead to cover any damages or losses incurred by the cleaning professionals.

Found in over twenty-five cities in the United States and two in Canada, Handybook continues to dominate the eager market by broadening its networks. Their goal not to create a successful company but to create a brand that takes care of thousands of homes worldwide.

September 25, 2015

Doe Deere: A Bold, Brave Business Woman

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Doe Deere on ideamensch, the creator of the makeup brand LimeCrime, is a successful and beautiful businesswoman who has overcome many obstacles to get where she is today. Her leadership and vibrant attitude led her to be named Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by Self-Made Magazine.

Deere has been on the path to becoming the owner of a cosmetics company since childhood. She remembers being an artistic and imaginative child since the very beginning; “I would put as much color on myself as possible: clothes, accessories, my mom’s makeup.” Deere still has a hard time believing that she creates color for a living. Most adults don’t get to have as much fun at work as she does, so she often feels like she’s “cheating.”

Deere also notes that makeup is just a tiny portion of her “colorful world.” There’s much more that she has in the works and she’s waiting for the right time to share it with everyone.

Although Deere has always loved color, she has not always been a natural when it comes to makeup. Surprisingly, it was not until her mid-20s that Deere became good at makeup application. Her lack of makeup skills never stopped her from having fun and experimenting. In 2006, Deere began posting makeup looks online after discovering theatrical makeup brands such as Kryolan and Ben Nye. Nothing was too much for Deere. She remembers posting images of herself with rhinestones glued to her forehead and eyebrows, as well images with different colored glitters all over her face. “Looking good wasn’t the point,” Deere says. “I was on the journey of discovery and experimentation, and had so much fun with it. Her bold looks gained her a massive following.

Deere chose the name “LimeCrime” for her company back in 2004. At the time, it was only a handle for her Ebay store. The name rhymed and it contained her favorite color: bright green. Deere says that if she had known the company was going to blow up, she probably would’ve chosen a name that was slightly more subtle. Nevertheless, the name still fits what the company’s represents: breaking the rules, having fun with color, and being completely unique. Deere says that the company’s name helps them stay on track: “If we can’t imagine putting ‘Lime Crime’ on it, it shouldn’t be made!”

Deere has plenty of experience with being an internet-based business. LimeCrime’s entire history has been on the internet and overall, Deere is happy with being internet based. She loves the immediate feedback that she can get through social media. Because LimeCrime is a company that is deeply connected to the customer, quick feedback is important. However, the internet can also allow scandals and rumors to get out of control. Deere says, “I’ve definitely had my share of trouble on the internet, but as long as you grow and improve from it, it’s all part of the entrepreneurial journey.”

At the end of the day, Doe Deere knows her fans outnumber her haters and this inspires her to keep LimeCrime going.

Original article here.

September 24, 2015

Human Rights Activist Yeonmi Park

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Human rights are an important worldwide activity People around the world find that the world is a better place when they know that they are guaranteed certain specific rights of all kinds. They also know that they are able to can on human rights activists across the world who will work hard to put pressure on governments that do not live up to the kind of ideals that people expect of any specific government. Human rights activists push to make sure that all people of the world have access to certain basics such as the right to eat a certain number of minimum calories each day, the right to have shelter from the elements and the right of access to important basic health care such as vaccines and standard maternity care when they get pregnant.

Unfortunately, some nations of the world have failed to live up to such ideals. In many cases, a handful of people have ruled certain nations in a way that is cruel and does little to help the people who are living there. One such nation is North Korea. The nation of North Korea has been ruled by a small group of people who are well known for their cruelty and their lack of caring about their own people. Activists such as Yeonmi Park have fled this nation in secret and sought to do much to help put pressure on the nation’s leaders to change their ways and make their society a better place for the people who are born and live here.

Yeonmi Park of youtube grew up in this part of the world with her entire family. She and her family found that it was hard to be residents of North Korea. They frequently encountered all kinds of hardships during this period of time including lack of enough to eat, forced work that did not benefit them and the need to be respectful of the leaders of the nation even as it was clear to them that such leaders were not doing a good job running it. This awareness led Yeonmi Park’s entire family to plot to leave this part of the world in order to search for a better life. They have since worked hard to help provide awareness about what is happening in North Korea for those living there who lack connections with government officials or other safety nets of any kind.

They have helped people become aware of what is going in here by writing and speaking out to others in other parts of the world. Her work in this field has attracted much attention as people around the world remain curious about conditions in North Korea and anxious to hear what people who have escaped this nation have to say about it. Park has been open to speaking to others about her experiences as a resident of this nation and exactly what it was like to grow up in a place that is widely admitted to be one of the world’s harshest societies.

September 23, 2015

Purina Choosing New Ad Agency

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Purina is one of the oldest pet food manufacturers in country and the food choice many pet owners have turned to provide complete nutrition for their animals. That popularity is due in part to the advertisements that have blanketed the market over the past three decades and headed up by the Publicis Groupe agency. But that will change in the near future as Purina has been in search of a new ad agency to represent all their pet food brands, including Beneful. All other lines of Purina pet food products have been removed from the oversight of the Fallon agency and its subsidiaries except the Beneful line, and that lucrative account will soon be placed in the hands of a new ad agency.

The Publicis Groupe has managed the Purina account for over 30 years and is not defending itself against the search for a new ad agency for Purina. Fallon chief Mike Buchner has stated that he is honored to have represented the Purina brands and proud of what the companies have built together.

Nestle, the parent company for Purina and all its brands, has narrowed down the search to two unnamed agency finalists. The lucky agency winner will manage the ads for Purina’s current best selling brand, Beneful on twitter. Reported spending for the best seller topped out at over 40 million by the third fiscal quarter of 2013. A nice chunk of change for new ad agencies to be clamoring over.

Many dog and cat owners (plus other types of pets) have relied on the Purina brand to nourish their pet at every life stage and take them from birth to death in the most healthiest way possible.

Beneful, the top seller for Purina, offers a wide range of food products for dogs that are formulated to promote health and play at each stage of a dog’s life.

Twenty wholesome varieties of Beneful are available and each one is packed with real meat protein. Real chicken, beef, pork and lamb (not byproducts) go into the making of Beneful. Along with the meat is recognizable chunks of real vegetables to round out the meal and make it healthy and nutritious. Green bean, carrots and barley can be seen in each container of Beneful and the dog food contains the unseen health-promoting goodness of antioxidants and omega-3s.The dog food product comes in both wet and dry formulas to suit the needs of the owner and palates of the dog. Baked snacks in a wide range of canine-pleasing flavors and textures are also part of the Beneful line of products.

September 18, 2015

Making the Most Out of Your Time on Wikipedia

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Wikipedia is a well-known source for any and all information, especially pop culture. Wikipedia is one of the most-looked up pages when it comes to social information. Did you know that the site is currently looking for new talent?

Do you have what it takes to make it on Wikipedia?

Before you answer, allow me to go through some guidelines for writers and editors. This will help make it easier for those who do want to take up a side job on the site to create a Wikipedia page through Get Your Wiki.


Women have been making some really great strides. Women have been fighting for equality, and have won some major battles. Wikipedia, however, is still mostly dominated by men. This is slowly changing, but there is still more work to be done.

With that being said, allow me to clue you in on a few things. When it comes to women writers on Wikipedia, it’s not a good idea to advertise the fact you are a woman. I am not saying this to hurt you. I am saying this to help you. With Wikipedia still being so largely dominated by men, it’s best to just come in and do your job. Do not go into this work as a way to “preach on” about the value of women. I have known some women who have done this. These women got blasted.

When you create your profile, learn to be more anonymous. When creating a nickname, do not draw attention to yourself. In other words, do not make a big deal about it. It should be about the work, not anything else.

When writing your articles, state the facts only. Some women have a hard time leaving their emotions at the door. When it comes to Wikipedia, you do need to check yourself at the door. Let your emotions go, even if you do not agree with what is being said.

This advice actually comes from 3 very successful writers/editors on Wikipedia. These women learned early on that if they wanted to get noticed and succeed, they had to play the game.


I have said this before, and I will say it again. Double check your facts, even if you are just editing. Once you put it out there in Wikipedia, it’s out there. If you are writing any article, you have to know what you are talking about. Too many writers in the past made this mistake. These men/women just did what they wanted. Their reputation got ruined because of it. Reputations have a way of getting ruined, even before they start. Do not let this happen to you.

It’s a job, so treat it as such. Remember to be professional, but don’t lose your head or sense of humor. Have fun with it.


Are you in need of some content? Are you looking for one of Wiki writers and editors to help your company out? Just go to the page and submit the form to us. Let us know how we can help you. Just submit your name and point of inquiry. We will get back to you with a free quote and everything.

September 16, 2015

Eye Glitter Is Alluring: Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Completes The Look

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If you want to wear striking eye make-up for a special occasion, beautiful glitter eye shadow is sure to turn heads! Application may take a bit of patience, but the results are stunning.

It is essential to consider the quality of the glitter eye shadow. Doe Deere’s Lime Crime offers a wonderful selection of Zodiac Eye Glitter. Choose from a wide range of colors including gold “Leo”, indigo “Aquarius”, fiery mixed red and gold “Aries”, turquoise “Cancer”, shimmery clear “Gemini”, emerald “Capricorn”, violet “Libra” silver “Ophiuchus”, fuchsia “Sagittarius”, white “Virgo” and black “Scorpio. With so many options, you are sure to find the perfect eye glitter to make your eyes sparkle.

Make sure that your eye glitter color compliments the color of your eye shadow. Choose a richly saturated color like Doe Deere does and remember to use those that works well with your skin tone. Be sure to apply a liberal amount of primer to ensure that your eye shadow and the eye glitter stay in place. Also use a cotton swab to apply a bit of Vaseline to your lash line. This is another preventive measure that will help the glitter hold better instead of flaking and shedding all over your cheeks. Opt for a cream-based eye shadow to make sure the glitter stays put.

Your base eye shadow should be applied first, and then the eye glitter is applied. Make sure to close your eye when lightly patting the glitter on your lid. If you are worried about the glitter falling into your eye, use a bit of lash glue and keep your eye closed until the lash glue has fully dried.

When it is time to apply the eye glitter, use a careful stroke and apply the glitter very slowly at first. A little bit of glitter can go along way. Take extra care to outline your lash line first. You need to shade this glitter in a neat manner, so take your time. This can really make or break this look; if you have too much glitter along the lash line it can be a bit overwhelming.

If you notice that there is a dusting of glitter on your cheeks in spite of using primer and Vaseline, do not fret. A bit of masking tape can safe the day. A little masking tape can extract the glitter from your face. It is wise to apply your glitter eye make-up before applying your foundation, because then you don’t have to worry about the masking tape pulling off your foundation along with the glitter.

Removing the glitter eye make-up can be achieved by tapping your eyelid lightly with masking tape. Be sure to close your eye when doing this. If you did opt for lash glue, the removal process is fairly easy; you should be able to lightly pull the lash glue off of your eyelid.

Glitter eye shadow can be the perfect touch to a festive look. A bit of glitter can make any occasion a bit more whimsical. This vintage look continues to charm and is sure to make your eyes sparkle with a playful spirit.

September 15, 2015

Intellectual Property Law: Safeguarding Intellectual Property Rights

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Creative works that have been solely conceptualised and actualised by individuals or businesses as a result of their knowledge in a particular field of interest are referred to as intellectual property. Such creative works may involve inventions, artistic works and design works. There is a need for protection and safeguarding of such projects. Here is where intellectual property law comes in.

Intellectual property laws are legal mechanisms and frameworks that deal with the recognition, protection and enforcements of rights in creative works. Such works may also be referred to as properties of the mind. Intellectual property is crucial to both businesses and individuals. Without intellectual property law, rights in intellectual property are not secure, and this discourages innovations.

The basis for protection of intellectual property is constituted by three main components in law. The components are copyrights, patents and trademarks. Copyrights are concerned with exclusive rights of inventors for a defined period of their creative works. Brands, on the other hand, are concerned with marks or services that enable the public to identify quickly and uniquely products and services in the society. This may be logos or symbols associated with products. Patents are for granting rights to exclude others from practising an invention. The law may define the duration of the exclusion.

Intellectual property law has an overbearing significance in how development is advanced. By recognizing such rights, the proprietors of creative works are encouraged to continue with coming up with inventions and innovations. Such innovations may have a profound impact on solving society’s problems. Intellectual property law provides incentives for the continued creation and changes by businesses and individuals. Copyright may also form parts of valuable intangible business assets. They provide entrepreneurs with safety nets to enable them commercialise their innovations and also in some instances earn royalties as a result of third party usage of their works.

Frans Schoeman is a South Africa based lawyer who has been involved in several cases involving intellectual property rights. A director at the Phatisma Diamond Company, Frans Schoeman on twitter is a senior attorney with a broad range of knowledge and experience in commercial and business law which are mainly the areas of operation of intellectual property laws as they mainly involve financial implications of intellectual rights.

Copyright, when registered and protected by intellectual property law, can be transacted in the business markets. They can be sold, rented out, or be mortgaged out to third parties who may wish to advance further them. Just like real property rights, they also can be taxed and earn revenue for authorities. In cases where infringements have been committed on the intellectual rights by third parties, intellectual property law provides for remedies that may be awarded to rights owners. However the determination of the remedies to be awarded need to be determined in a court of justice. In summary, intellectual property law enables innovators and inventors to monitor and defend their rights.

September 14, 2015

The Extraordinary Life of Andy Wirth

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In life e all have the chance to rise to extraordinary levels. Some do so in such a way that they aid others and make this a better world. They offer their talents, time and energy to a higher purpose that goes far beyond self and absorbs others. These people are hard working, philanthropic, and are willing to sacrifice self for the betterment of the whole.

Andy Wirth is one of these people. Born in Germany,he has worked hard to get to a place where he is able to benefit others with his talents, expertise and knowledge. He is well loved by his community and has made strides to help improve the condition of life in the Tahoe area for all who live and visit there.

As a major contributor to community and environmental organizations he tries to help do his part to save the natural surroundings for future generations. His generosity and giving of his time and talents to the community has earned him many community service awards. Among some of these awards include the Tahoe Springs Business Leader of the Year Award and the 2014 Citizen of the Year by the Disabled Sports committee.

His experience has lent to his ability to flawlessly take over the position of Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. He earned his Bachelor’s of Science from Colorado State University. From there he went on to work as a Ranger at the Rocky Mountain National Parks and at the San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area.

Mr. Wirth is also a member of many different boards including the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. After he became the President of Squaw Valley in 210, he went about orchestrating the acquisition of the nearby Alpine Meadows Resort. The successful acquisition has led to a collaboration between the two resorts that now offers better deals and combined ski tickets to visitors.

He is married to a real estate lawyer and has three children. Mr. Wirth is known to participate in both triathlons and 1/2 marathons. After 25 years in the mountain resort industry, Andrew Wirth is well experienced and has a proven record of enhancing the holdings he is responsible for.

His experience aided him in making renovations at Squaw Valley that dramatically improved the conditions and trails for skiing, as well as dining and guest accomodations. In conjunction with the Alpine Valley resort, Mr Wirth has altered the face of skiing getaways for those who visit the Tahoe and Reno areas.

Truly a man of distinction who has served his community well and is expected to continue in his selfless service for many years to come. Andrew Wirth is someone who has risen to an extraordinary level.

September 12, 2015